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Without a Trace 5.23 "Two of Us" [2007-05-06]

NB: The next new episode (the 5th season finale) airs this Thursday right after CSI.

Security guard = Ecklie (I feel like I see him as a guest star in everything these days.)

Why did Sam want drunken Tyler (or whatever his name was) to face she she was only seeing him in profile rather than facing her directly?

Tyler(?) (to Ella, as she chugs heavily spiked punch): "Hey, the Navy called: they said they want their sailor back."

Spade (upon finding Seth Foley in the trunk of his own car): "See, this is why I didn't go to my senior prom."

Seth: "I never met a chick who could hit that hard."
Martin: "You might wanna rephrase that." [looks at Sam]

Viv: "The blood we found wasn't Seth's."
Jack: "You could have told me that earlier."
Viv: "What, and miss your whole he-locked-himself-in-his-own-car theory?"

[The theory is floated that Alex was pissed 'cause Ella got to be prom queen and he had to pretend to be dead.]
Jack: "I always wanted to be prom queen."
Jack is always so heteronormative that I feel like I shouldn't but him saying that line, but I really do.

Jack: "I should take you downtown and book the both of you. But I met your parents. I get it; trust me."
Ella is the one who responds to that, but I was actually thinking more of Alex's dad (did we ever hear what happened to his mom, btw?). He knowingly misidentified his son's body (sidenote: isn't it horrible that some family out there whom that dead boy belongs to still hopes their son is alive somewhere?), said he doesn't care where his son is (including out on the streets!) so long as it's far away from him, and believes that the legacy he's created for his son with his speaking engagements is far better than anything his son ever could have created for himself.

Ella: "Why are you helping us?"
Jack: "You remind me of somebody I used to know."
Since I haven't seen most of the early season eps, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to know whom he's referencing.

Jack: "What's that?"
Ella: "A wedding ring! We got married."
Jack: [rolls eyes and sighs in resignation] "Of course you did."
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