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How I Met Your Mother 2.21 "Something Borrowed" [2007-05-07]

Last week I was like, "Score! We only get like five seconds of Marshall and Lily's actual wedding." Except, not so much. Which I suppose shouldn't have surprised me. And I actually didn't mind it too much. The idea that inevitably your parents will try to run your wedding and make it how they rather than you want it always makes me groan and roll my eyes because it's so not how my relationship with my parents operates at all.

That Barney suddenly shut up about who was best man and was now all "I'll be the officiant" was jarring, but his "It subtly implants the idea in all the women present that when I ask something, you say 'I do,' " was perfect Barney.

"Can't stay. I have to try something."
I thought he was gonna try getting women drunk (since he was behind the bar when he first vocalized the idea), but no, he was gonna try the line "It's for the bride."
I loved when he was trying to get the attention of the people gathered (who were totally not in the triple digits, btw) and after failing said, "It's for the bride."

Hee, "Barney Stinson is going to aid and abet a marriage."
As soon as Lily said she wished they could have the intimate outdoor wedding they'd wanted I was like, "Hi, you are currently outside. Plus, we established Barney as an officiant."
"By the power invested in me by the bitter old Pakistani man at the courthouse on Lafayette Street."
And how he got all choked up.

I forgot about the fedora of win from last week. I approve.

I felt like I recognize the first tune the guitarist played, but the closed-captioning only told me that it was an upbeat tune or something.

I also liked Scooter showing up and his exchange with Barney about when there's the objection part.
That the bouncer kept tackling important people kinda bothered me (much like how they totally should have sent the harpist to the hospital) but I did like how incredibly mellow he was. "What happened to your shirt?" / "Oh, I got sauce on it when I tackled the caterer." / "Are you gonna put on a new one?" / "No, I'm good."

Oh, and that Lily's wedding panties say "Property of Marshall."
And that they almost have "first time" sex next to Ted in a position he can't escape from.

Edit: I also meant to mention that I dislike "I love you because."
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