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Heroes 1.21 "The Hard Part" [2007-05-07]

I forgot until they replayed the Hiro&Ando scene that the episode title comes from that line from the end of last week.

Hiro: "Don't worry, New York.  We will save you."
That line pains me.  More than the naivete even, it feels so patronizing.

I also really dislike Hiro's continued stupid insistence on doing things exactly the way the comic shows them unfolding.  Hello, you're trying to change the future, perhaps you shouldn't be blindly following a particular vision of the future.

However, I did like his "Future Hiro killed so much he forgot it should be hard."  (I think I'm recalling that wrong, that it was really "so many people" or something, but if it really was "so much" that has the nice resonance of how parts of himself died.)  And Ando has always been the more pragmatic of the two of them, so it didn't occur to me until he pointed it out that one major reason he's so invested in the (pre-emptive) defeat of Sylar is that in the future they just came from, Sylar kills him.

The way Peter looking at Claire when she's up on the stairwell in that first scene is done?  He totally wants her.

Stupid Peter, jealous that she likes Nathan better, or that Nathan can protect her and he can't, whatever; plus his blah blah blah destiny cakes.  I used to like Peter, and I want to like him, but I'm really not into this.

I feel really dense that I didn't connect "Walker System" to "Molly Walker" until she actually explained her ability.  How did it save her from Sylar, though?  (Unless she was already sick at the time of the attack and thus either didn't register as special to him, or he recognized that he didn't want what she had -- and has The Company already isolated the virus for manufacture?  'Cause I would think they would want that card up their sleeve.  It also makes the Mohinder scene in last week's future a bit weird, 'cause iirc that scene implied that he was developing a "cure" on his own whereas in this timeline he has clearly already found the fatal "cure."  As I type "cure" it occurs to me that I may be excessively conflating this with X3 given the giant similarities, so feel free to correct me on anything I'm misrepresenting/misremembering.)

Wow, ripping off Whedon-run AXM dialogue wholesale.
"You ever do that again I'll kill you."
"You're lucky I didn't leave your ass in there after all you've done."
I know it's not word-for-word and it's not like it's the most original idea to begin with, but I just did such a double-take at the "You do that again I'll kill you" line.

Micah in a burning building?  Though given Candice's threat, it could be a mirage.  Nicely played, btw, him sneaking out and her creating the illusion such that every door he tried led back to their room.  Also the Woody the Woodpecker loud in the background.

DL, your lives are just as real even though they've been observed.  Linderman didn't necessarily engineer everything about them.

When Suresh says he needs to draw some blood, all tentative, and she just rolls up her sleeve and thrusts out her arm, as if she's done it a million times before, your heart maybe breaks a little, but when she says, "You're different than the other doctors -- you're better at this," oh.

I dislike that this places some of the blame on Sylar's Jewish mom -- he wants her to tell him he doesn't have to be special.  And "you could even be President" of course recalls the future we saw last week.

Whose power did he take that he can do Transfiguration?

Dude, you're watching him torturing his mother.  Do something.

Mohinder: "She died before I was born."
Molly: "Am I going to die?"
I love her directness, and her matter-of-fact-ness.

I was hoping the star to protect him from the boogeyman was gonna be the clue to finding the antibody (some star-shaped protein or something).  I really hope his parents/father didn't conceive him solely for that reason.  (Am now flashing the novel My Sister's Keeper.)

As soon as the mom brought out the scissors I knew they would fight and he would accidentally stab her.

Sylar drawing the explosion in his mom's blood = creepy.  But in a cool way.  (At first I was like, "You have telekinesis, why are you mopping up your mom's blood by hand?" but I did realize before the pan out that he was painting with it.)

Because you went looking for Ted you absorbed his powers and blew up.  Stupid people insisting on fulfilling prophecies.  It's like "Prophecy Girl" only you're being way more stupid than Giles and Buffy were.  Theirs at least were were prophecies written down which have a history of being correct (if cryptic) whereas yours are visions which hello are so subject to misinterpretation.  However, I did like Peter's "If I start to lose it, you're the only one who can get close enough to me -- you know the spot: the same place you pulled the piece of glass from."  And also Claire's "My destiny is not to shoot you.  The universe can not be that lame."

Reminder: I avoid previews.
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