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Heroes: comics (24-32)

Yes, I finally caught up on the graphic novels.

War Buddies: Part 1-6 (comics 24-29)
24: "The Lonestar File"
"Storage Type: Paper"
Nice. I appreciate when characters are actually aware of what they're facing and act accordingly.

25: "Unknown Soldiers"
Healing power is of course Linderman (code name: Austin, the one with his nose in a book).

27: "No Turning Back"
"Au Co wasn't the village. It was the girl."
I want fanfic about her.

28: "Introductions"
Linderman: "You taught me an important lesson during the war. I understand now, great men are willing to make a sacrifice to save the world."
Dallas = Petrelli! I probably should have realized that far earlier, huh?
Codename "Dallas" keeps making me think of The Outsiders

29: "Call to Arms"
I love the closing shot of Hana, in plain clothes, surrounded by swirling text (and appealing to friends, no less). The attractive shots of her in her red outfit and her green felt too much like objectifying women for the het male gaze.
30: "String Theory"
I'm impressed at how much both Hiros and Ando look like the actors who play them.
And who's this woman "Sparrow"?

31-32: "Walls" (Parts 1&2)
It makes a lot of sense that Peter and Niki would end up together this way.
They can't stop time, but Peter's still crackling electricity? Can the Haitian selectively block powers?


Eric and I geeked out about Heroes over lunch yesterday, which we have not done in far too long. Good times. He also informs me that the first season will be out on DVD August 28, and he is totally buying it to make all his friends watch it.
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