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somebody give me a hug

Monster's Ball was tonight's Rec Council movie. It was disturbing in a lot of ways, and not just the ways i think it was meant to be disturbing. There was just a lot about race relations/power dynamics that was unnerving. Someone like zinestar mimi could write a lot more thoughtfully and intelligently than i can, though.

And how did Halle Berry get an Oscar for that role? (Though there is that issue of people getting Oscars for roles they don't deserve them for because they were passed over for roles they did deserve them for. I really don't know movies or Oscars or anything, so i'm gonna stop now.) I was very impressed with Billy Bob Thornton, though.

There was some sort of vigil/rally thing in the quad tonight. There was yet another racist/homophobic incident.

So i came back from Monster's Ball with this feeling in the air that the whole campus was on edge. I sat down and opened up my e-mail. I see one from my mom: "remember Olive?" (Olive is a long-time family friend who's around 90 and lives in a nursing home.) I saw the subject line of the e-mail and knew she must have died. Yup. She died today (Tuesday). Funeral's on Friday. My mom said, "She sure was ready to go, but hard to believe she's gone."

I finally sat down and read the list of demands from the Students' Grassroots Organizing group. I don't agree with all of them.

I really have no desire to think about any of this, actually.

I'm going to bed now.
Tags: death, issues: race, movies: watched, smith: issues: grassroots (spring 2002)

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