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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

light at the end of the tunnel (last class is next Thursday, and at 3pm I plan to audi)

I went to the gym for the first time all week today.  (Monday and Wednesday I had soon-after-work commitments, and Tuesday I had a headache -- no really.)  I chatted with Katie and Greg after work until about 5:30.  I did the elliptical (interval program) for a half an hour, and was so much more energized than I was last week.  My first mile was 11 minutes even, my second 11:31, and just before I finished my five-minute cool-down I hit 3 miles even.  I did a half hour on the rowing machine afterward, and didn't leave the gym until about 6:45.  Apparently I underestimate how long it takes to get back to Davis, 'cause I didn't wait that long for a Red Line but then it was 7:05 and we were stopped before Davis (signal problems at Alewife, traffic ahead).  There was a woman at the other end of the car who looked familiar and was randomly chatting with a guy near her while we were stopped.  We both headed up the College Ave. stairs, and at the first landing she said, "I'm looking at your bag and have to ask, Are you friends with my sisters Tallessyn and Trelawney?"  I said yes, that that must be why she looked familiar, that I must have met her at the wedding.  'Twas Tamerleigh.

Today's small group topic was prayer, and we read a Marjorie Suchocki essay on Wesley, and there was stuff that fit really well with how I'm trying to grow my practice of prayer, and stuff that was new and challenging, and I really need to go to bed 'cause just trying to get this entry written up I've been so spacy.
Tags: gymming it up, prayer, small world

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