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CSI 7.23 "The Good, the Bad, and the Dominatrix" [watched on tape: 2007-05-12]

The opening sequence of the guy walking?
My first thought was: Jack the Ripper (followed by a brief thought of maybe it's Grissom in an extension of the set-up from last week to mislead us with painting him ambiguous).
My second thought was of the TNG holodeck.

"Say it."
This of course hearkens back to the "You can always say stop" recurrent motif with Grissom and Lady Heather.

Grissom: "Days is down to 4 CSIs. You're on loan-out."
Greg: "Why can't Days keep anybody?"
Grissom: "Money, stress, Ecklie, maybe."

Cath going on about "More power to him, really"... I remembered how back when I was watching early seasons in first-run I shipped Grissom/Catherine. Not that I necessarily think Catherine is in love with Grissom -- he's hella mysterious and she's one of his closest friends and yet she still knows so little and is understandably a bit wound-up about it (or perhaps I'm just projecting my own nosy-ness onto her in saying it's understandable).

Warrick: "This thing's heavier than my kit. You ever get hit in the head with one of these?"
Nick: "Gentlemen don't get hit in the head with these."
     I heard "kit" as "kid" and totally did a double-take.

Grissom knows she's diabetic.
"The patient never told us."
Nicely done... showing us both how close Grissom is with her and how she's somewhat suicidal.

Brass: "I know something a lot juicier than Grissom and Lady He--"
Of course I'm curious as to what that is. It's possibly just a throwaway line, but it makes me curious as to whether he knows about Grissom and Sara.

"Her house wasn't what she sold."

When Grissom said the last time they'd seen each other she had just lost her daughter and she said "That wasn't all I lost that night," I read it as about how she lost control (especially given the flashback of her whipping the guy) and assumed that her subbing for Oakley was a way for her to get that back (especially since earlier we had that little BDSM primer in which she explained how the sub was in control). Instead: Assisted suicide and a trust fund for her non-custodial grand-daughter? Wow.

Brass to Ben Oakley (after Ben insists he didn't kill Porter): "What do you want, a gold star for being a bad shot?"

Grissom: "There's someone I want you to meet."
Okay, for a split-second I thought he meant Sara, but of course she had already met Sara and I realized he must have arranged for her to get to meet her granddaughter.
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