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Without a Trace 5.24 "The Beginning" [watched on tape: 2007-05-12] season finale

What's up with Viv's hair? She has it all straight and pulled back as per usual, except there's a little bit loose to the side all weird and crimpy.

It makes me said that the Eye of Ra protection symbol turns out to be a drug thing.

Carlos may get off on the kidnaping charge "if he believed you would have done anything to find Sophie Delgado"
Jack: "We would have."
It's interesting, the pairing of Jack and Elena, 'cause he'll do anything to find anyone while she gets possibly even more hardcore than he (ambushing Det. Kwon in his own car with a gun to his head!) when it comes to her own daughter.

I don't believe the gunman would have turned over on his boss so fast. He must know that if anything happened to Teri he'd be considered an accomplice since he'd just confessed to his involvement.

When they said they'd pulled MapQuest searches from the daughter's computer and Viv said they were "residential addresses in the tristate," I thought she was looking for her dad, but....

When Jen said, "Maybe I could just come in for a glass of water," it sounded to me like she was trying to get away, though clearly I was wrong.

Jack: "I would like to remind you that I stopped my agents from killing you."
Carlos: "Yeah, I'm sure that was hard."
Jack: "Don't make me regret it."

Martin: "Pat Robertson or David Koresh?"
Viv: "Little bit of both, actually."

[3 counts of robbery, abuse of a minor, lying to a federal officer]
Jack: "We're at 15 years and counting."
Sedgewick: "Unless?"
Jack: "Unless you tell us something we don't know that helps us find her."
     I liked how specific Jack was.

Danny: "They put him in a group home, and 20 minutes later he managed to run away."

[both with barely restrained anger]
Danny: "Jack, we're getting real good at letting people walk away."
Jack: "Why don't you go talk to the other cult kids and see if you can find out his real name."

When they pulled up the monitor feed and it showed the girl in the cage, that just killed me. And I've seen a lot of hard stuff on this -- and other -- show(s). She looks so vulnerable.

When she says, "He always comes back," is that an allusion to him sexually abusing her (cf. "lewd acts with a minor") ?

When Danny was talking about "If you'd let me shoot him [Carlos]..." I kept thinking, "If you'd shot Carlos in front of Elena, she'd be so traumatized." I was kind of annoyed that no one mentioned that.

Danny: "I'd rather be working security at a mall and know that they're safe."

Jack: "Look, if you don't like my decisions, why don't you take an application out at the mall?"

What does Jack have to get from his apartment before he goes to Gwen's with Viv? It's probably just a throwaway line, but it still bugs me. Also, I'm so done caring about the Carlos plotline (which never interested me that much; really none of Elena's stuff is of much interest to me, which is sad 'cause I was so ready to be into her when she first showed up).

Spot Cleaners truck takes diner girl! That's the same logo that was on the door at the warehouse and I think it's the same kind of truck as the Restored Beginnings burglary scam was using. So does Bradley Foster have other predator friends infiltrating Restored Beginnings (they did say what with the mirroring and all he had to be either a computer genius or have had help) or is there more creepy stuff going on with the guy who runs Restored Beginnings? I would prefer the former but fear it will be the latter.
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