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How I Met Your Mother 2.22 "Something Blue" [2007-05-14] season finale

So the spec I read somewhere on Fox's flist that the pasta incident with Ted and Robin was gonna be that they broke up was correct.

I had realized near the beginning of the episode that they did get "Something Borrowed" last ep in Marshall's fedora, and when they cut to commercial break after the "Risk it" it occurred to me that "Something Blue" could be a pregnancy test, and then when the show came back there was the Blue French Horn.

As soon as Ted mentioned moving to Argentina I was like, "Hello, do you not remember how moving in together here did not work?" so I was glad that they realized that. (Sidenote: Love Barney's capitalist knowledge of Argentina. And totally would have believed that he legitimately knew it and can speak knowledgeably about the capitalist status of all First World nations.)

Aww, Barney being, "Are you guys okay?" I like him when he's tender. (That he absolutely refused to let go of the "Tell people what?" even passing up the chick in the black dress stretched my belief, though.)

Ted says "I do" to Barney!


Also: Family Guy does "How I Met Your Father."
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