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Heroes 1.22 "Landslide" [2007-05-14]

Linderman: "Your father was one of us."

When he talked about his father wanting to help people, having read the War Buddies 6-parter I almost felt like Linderman was talking about himself (helped of course by fan spec that Linderman is Nathan's biologocal father).

Now I'm really curious as to what Papa Petrelli's power was.

Linderman's line about Nathan's father eventually giving up... do we think that's a reference to Papa Petrelli's suicide?

Nathan: "My father was my hero."

Claire: "After this is over, I might go on patrol."
You sound so Buffy. ::loves you::

Ando: "Don't you remember the future? He's the bad guy."
Hiro: "The future hasn't happened yet."

Mr. Claremont? All I had time to register from the print ad was the symbol, so I didn't catch that until Ando actually said his name. Oh comics in-jokes.

We pan in on Micah from a shot of him with his hand to the window, echoing the fiery painting D.L. and Jessica saw.

Micah: "I have a cousin who eats like you. He's huge."
Candice: "So'm I."

Interesting. And the way her voice almost breaks when she talked about discrimination against people based on how they look... Okay, it's kind of copying Eden giving us the hot girl with the mega superpower who's working for Linderman/The Company because of her childhood trauma, but I had really wanted to like Candice when she first showed up, so I was glad to see her getting some personality/backstory.

Candice: "He's gonna heal the world."
Micah: "I didn't know it was sick."

Part of me reacts against this because clearly Micah has seen how bad the world can be, but I also like the idea that it's a mistake to look at the situation as the world being sick -- that that kind of worldview isn't conducive to the change that needs to happen. [At small group this past Thursday, Trelawney explained a little about how John Wesley -- founder of Methodism -- thought of sin as a disease rather than a legal infraction, and I found myself recalling that in thinking about this.]

Hiro's father: "I have waiting a long time for a Nakamura to ascend."

I grow more and more interested in learning the full story of Generation 1.0 (TM somewhere on friendsfriends), 'cause Mr. Nakamura was definitely working with The Company back when Hiro was a kid (when Mr. Bennet adopted Claire) but he's apparently not on board with Linderman's plan of letting NYC blow up.

Jessica to Matt: "Didn't I throw you out a window?"

Last week I was telling Eric that I didn't think Bennet knew what the Walker System was but that I believed he would be willing to kill a little girl.  Apparently I was mostly right.  (His cryptic remarks this episode I realized early on he knew it was a person -- I actually thought he knew exactly, though I was surprised he was letting Parkman along -- though I guess he didn't really have a choice since he needed him to get inside.)
I really do sympathize with his greater good stance (no one is surprised, right?) 'cause they totally don't have the resources to protect her from The Company if they kidnaped her, and The Company's never gonna stop looking for her, 'cause hello, she's Cerebro.

"Did this happen in the accident?"
"The top of the guy's head came off. How else does that happen?"
Clea DuVall Audrey: "You don't wanna know."

Linderman: " [...] arranging your relationship, crafting your opportunities [...] "
Boo. I had rejected D.L.'s interpretation last week that Linderman had arranged their entire lives (as opposed to just watching them with interest) and it turns out D.L. was right after all.

"But Niki wouldn't."
Both Niki and Jessica seemed to prize Micah over all else, so I was dismayed that it seemed like Jessica was willing to take the money and run without questioning Linderman's "You'll never see your son again" or whatever his line was.

D.L., you put yourself in front of Jessica but you don't turn on your phase power so the bullet'll pass right through both of you? Bad show.

Getting up and pulling his brain out while you have a gut wound, though? That's hardcore. And dude, you pulled his brain out. Creepily Sylar-rific.

Sad that yet another Person of Color has been killed off, but the other three deaths were all white men, two of whom were major instruments of the system -- but giving the huge percentage of white people, it's still problematic.

The closed-captioning tells me the song playing at Nathan's victory is Bad Company's "All Right Now."

Nathan gave a good speech. Nice set-up for bringing the country together after 9/11 the bomb, and quality directing with the intercutting of what's happening elsewhere (a very different meaning of the word "landslide" than an election victory).
"Let's show them exactly what we're capable of."

The scene of Sylar on the roof of the building making little yellow globes on his hands is beautiful.

And the fact that he can control implies that he chooses to blow up the city. That he got Ted at all was due largely to Peter insisting that they needed to play out the future he had foreseen despite the fact that it was disastrous, and this says even more strongly that Sylar wouldn't have blown up the city if there hadn't been a bajillion visions of the city blowing up.

Edit: It suddenly occurs to me, with Linderman dead, Nathan really is gonna have to step up and be a leader. His mom will push him a lot, but it's unclear how in-the-know she was re: The Grand Plan, and he's gonna be at sea in a big way without Linderman's power/influence/money cushioning him. Will be interesting to see how he handles this (though that's mostly a next season thing, as the next episode is the season finale).

[And: As always, I avoid previews.]


via antheia:
NBC announces schedule, shows (Posted: Mon., May 14, 2007, 6:59am PT)

While the focus this spring centered on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" spin-off, NBC was quietly developing one of their own - and announced this morning that "Heroes" has spawned a second series of its own.

"Heroes: Origins" will air in "Heroes'" Monday night time slot when that smash hit takes a hiatus. The net has ordered six segs of "Origins," which, combined with "Heroes," makes for 30 hours altogether.

"Heroes: Origins" will center on characters not yet seen on the original show. Peacock has also added an interactive element to the show: Viewers will be asked to pick their favorite character from "Origins," who will then join the cast of the full-blown "Heroes" skein the following year.

Edit: in a musesfool commentthread, zvi_likes_tv linked to TVGuide:
• NBC "bulks up" with 30 combined episodes of Heroes and Heroes: Origins, an innovative new spin-off that will introduce a new character each week, one of whom will be chosen by viewers through NBC.com to become a cast regular the following season.
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