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[CAUMC] Game Night: Amy&Ian [2007-05-11]

After work I went to the Porter Square Qdoba for dinner 'cause I was hungry and then came back and went to the gym. I did a half hour on the elliptical and afterward was all sticky so, knowing it was warm and humid outside I took a quick rinse off in the shower. I could get used to this (the shower thing). And I finally noticed the blue paneling that likely surrounds the hot tub I only recently was informed the locker rooms have.

The best part, though, was when I was changing in to my gym clothes. I was wearing my Smith t-shirt, but I was bent over putting on my shoes, so I'm not really sure how recognizable it was, but a woman said, "Did you go to Smith?" I looked up and said yes. She was coming back from the showers, wrapped in a towel, bright orange hair (it feels so bizarre to me that the term is "redhead" when most such have hair that's far more orange). She apologized and I said it was fine and we went back and forth like that for a bit and I kind of wanted to ask her what year she was or what she majored in or something, but instead she just kept apologizing and I kept saying it was fine and then she left.


Game Night was at Amy and Ian's apartment in Allston near Packard's Corner. I was proud of myself for getting there without going in the wrong direction at any point.

There was a guy Ben there who maybe had been to church 'cause when Trelawney and Eric came in and she was greeting people, she apologized for having forgotten his name. He reminded me of people I encountered when I was in the zine scene. He talked about the Iraq War, and I brought up some of the points I've been bringing up since this whole thing started. It was a relatively non-painful conversation, though somewhat bizarre 'cause some of this stances didn't quite parse the way I'm used to.

Later, Trelawney and Amy taking about colic and I went over to tell Jess (who was sitting next to them, across from me) that the idea of a baby crying nonstop for five months would be enough to make me never want to have kids, 'cause I would wanna kill the child for their sake and mine. Somehow this led to us talking about participating in debate and engaging with the news and etc. and was a really good conversation (especially pleasing since I hadn't previously had a chance to engage much with her), though I could hear Andrew, Megan, and Ian? behind me talking about baptism etc. and was bit bummed to be missing out on that.

Mike on drive home: "I wonder what Ben would have said if he knew I'm working for The Man."
Hee. I had forgotten that the lab Mike works at is run by the government.
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