Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Celebration of Sisterhood was a lot of fun.

Yes, i went to The Big Rainbow Event.

Loved Ethel-the-lesbian-from-Ohio gets saved from not-getting-laid-ness by Carol Christ. Yeah Jordan House.

Also loved the SIKOS Bisexual Blues --“My favorite vegetable is broccoli because it has a stem and a bush.”

The whole thing was fun, but those were my favorites.

Also, note to self for next year: standing near the stage when one is a short person is not conducive to quality viewing.

I got to meet marginaliana and Alyson, which was yay. Laura from my Russian class ran up to me and Layna and we hung out on the parade down to Scott Gym, and along the way picked up various paraphernalia. She (Laura) seems quite cool and i think we should hang out some time.

The performance ended with the Smiffenpoofs singing:
By my life, be I spirit
By my heart, be I woman
By my eyes, be I open
By my hands, be I whole

By your life, be you spirit
By your heart, be you woman
By your eyes, be you open
By your hands, be you whole

By our lives, be we spirit
By our hearts, be we women
By our eyes, be we open
By our hands, be we whole

Emerson House Statement:

Our bodies are important. Our words are important. Let us use language to empower, love, and respect ourselves.

Elmstreet Boyz Statement:

Love sees no gender?

We believe that love can see lots and lots of gender(s), and that it can be lots and lots of fun. We embrace the Smith College community as one that is comprised of many genders and an incredible array of gender expressions. More than mere fact, we think this is really hot. We believe that historically, Celebration of Sisterhood has been an event experience as exclusive and not representative of our community, particularly for students of color and trans-identified students. We believe that celebrating sisterhood can be important and exciting, but that in doing so we must all recognize the ways in which this ‘sisterhood’ may not be inclusive of the various and complex identities embodied by members of our community. The Elmstreet Boyz welcome groupies of any age, race, sexuality, class, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, ability, experience, education, shape, size, identity, and perversion.

Scales House Statement:

We’re here tonight to celebrate love, to celebrate diversity, and to celebrate everyone at Smith. We’re here to tell you that we’re all OK just the way we are, and we’re taking a stand: everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, is welcome in our community. Tonight, let’s remember that we need to take these views with us out into the world, out into our everyday life. It’s not just one night. If it was, how could we possibly hope to make a difference?

Cushing House Statement:

“What is straight? A line can be straight, or a street, but the human heart, oh, no, it’s curved like a road through mountains.” Tennessee Williams

As the home of the founders of Celebration of Sisterhood, Cushing House celebrates everybody’s right to travel the curved paths of their own hearts, no matter how many turns they take or where they might lead.

Lamont House Statement:

We, the women of Lamont, stand united in our support for all women. We embrace the power that each of our sisters has to choose her own identity. We are women who love women and women who love men. But above all, we are women who love. We may identify as women or as men [okay, i admit, i find that problematic in that it contradicts the previous statement], or may see ourselves as outside of any label; We may be lesbians, straight, bisexual, queer, or questioning. At our core we are the same. We are all connected within the human family. We have the right to be safe, to be loved, and to be appreciated. We are committed to creating a community where these rights are honored, and where our differences are celebrated.

Tyler House Statement:

We Are: Straight, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Beautiful, Women About The Whole Picture, Gearheads, Dancers, Snowboarders, Aspiring First Female Jewish Lesbian Popes, Intrepid, Idealist, Majoring in Indiana Jones, Mermaids, Guatemalan, Students, Hot, Painting The Town Purple, Mad Scientists, Art Junkies, Aspiring Cootchie Readers, Moving Forward, Feeling, Understanding, Studious, Involved 32 Flavors Original, Women who Hang Out In The Hallway Half Awake And LOVE Each Other, Optimistic, Stronger Because Of Our Pain, Able Bodied, Sexy, Women Who Feel Good In Our Skin... We are Women Undivided, Exquisite To Our Very Cores, Stronger Than The Sum Of Our Parts.

Capen House Statement:

Welcome to Capen Candy Land, where we like – ALL – the flavors.

We’re athletes, student government leaders, Vibrators, Buffy fans, and anime fans.

We teach, we speak many languages, we have loud sex, we have no sex, we knit, we love Michael Jackson, we read Dostoyevsky for fun, we play the piano, and we skip class.

We went to college young, we took time off, we went JYA, we transferred, we’re international students, and we’re ‘02 Ds.

We live a at Dunkin Donuts, we get up way too early for practice, we are heads of organizations, we attend Renaissance faires, we stay up way too late, and we are the life of the party.

We don’t know what our sexual orientation is. We came out in high school. We’re bisexual, we’re straight, we’re dykes, we’re lesbians, we’re queer, we’re polyamorous, we question gender, and we’re allies to one another. We’ve got boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, good friends, and friends with benefits. We celebrate the beauty of human diversity and, on top of that, we taste just like candy.

And this was the statement from the t-committee table:

The transgender committee recognizes the importance of Celebration of Sisterhood. However, the recent efforts to include transgendered people in Celebration of Sisterhood are antithetical to both the spirit of the event and to transgender identity. Transgendered people at Smith do not identify as either “women loving women” or the women who support them. Therefore, while it is true that transgendered people are nit included in this event, that is as it should be. We respect the importance of sisterhood for the participants. but it is not an experience with which we can identify. We are here as allies.

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