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"We'd fire no guns, shed no tears"

Nobody in the department was available for lunch today; Nicole said (faux-offended), "You can have lunch with me!" I said, "But you never have time to have lunch; so you weren't even on my radar screen." She said, "I meant 'get lunch with me;' that's all I ever have time for, so that's all I ever have on my radar screen." We ended up actually having a full hour lunch with two of the other RAs. Awesome.

When we got to Spangler I was talking with Nicole so I ended up in the salad line with her and decided I was actually kind of in the mood for salad and it would probably be better for me than if I got pasta (which I was also kind of in the mood for but which I have so often -- though to my credit, it's pasta with lots of veggies, and the pasta is usually either whole wheat or ravioli, and since I've started having it a lot I've been getting just pesto rather than alfredo sauce) and also there's tofu on the salad bar. Anyway, I ended up not even finishing my container of salad (and thus not touching my container of fruit). I really did not know salad is that filling.


I noticed this morning in opening my DayQuil that it says "Dist. by Proctor & Gamble" and thought, "I'm supposed to be boycotting them because they test on animals, right? Y'know what, I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian [albeit one who is developing a taste for cheese and lessening her delusions of veganism] who refuses to eat gelatin, and I boycott Kraft (which also bought out Nabisco) because they're owned by Philip Morris [yeah, I know, "Altria Group"]; I think I'm allowed to feel okay about myself."

It did, however, make me think of Nestlé and how I feel like I should be boycotting them. Then later in the morning via friendsfriends I saw:
Milking it (The Guardian: Tuesday May 15, 2007)
It was in 1977 that campaigners first called for a boycott of Nestlé because of its aggressive marketing of formula milk in the developing world. Thirty years on, have Nestlé and the other baby-milk firms cleaned up their act? Joanna Moorhead travels to Bangladesh to find out
(Additional grr: The entry which directed me to that has in comment threads the information that MasterFoods [M&M/Mars] is now using animal rennet in its chocolate.)
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