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"I can still see the ground"

When I got to the gym after work today, both the rowing machines were in use, so since a quick glance didn't show me any available ellipticals (and I'm apparently a little bit of a masochist) I did the treadmill again.  5.0mph this time, and significantly harder than yesterday; it was a serious challenge to make it to one mile and I was really surprised that I made it the whole 30 minutes (having something to focus my mind on -- like intercessory prayers -- besides my body seriously helps).  5-minute cool-down at 4.0mph... total distance: 2.82mi.  I feel kind of hardcore that on days when I gym I do ~6mi in a day (since I already walk c.1.5mi each way on my work commute).  So sweaty; so glad the locker room has showers.

I really am turning in to an addict, 'cause I was thinking about how I won't be going to the gym again until Monday (am going to a play after work tomorrow and then leaving for Reunion on Thursday) and half-lamenting that I don't think I get free access to the Smith gym facilities as an alum.


I finally watched Avril's "Girlfriend" videojennyo says: "This is the evilest music video in a while. Avril Lavigne, just because you're pop-punk or faux goth and your enemy is preppy? Does not mean you're not a mean popular bitch."  The song is definitely catchy, and of course I empathize with the whole "I like you and am so better than your current romantic partner," but yeah, the video disturbed me.

The Making Of video is... interesting.  Having read pirateygoodness, I was expecting to find Avril more adorable than I did.  I shouldn't be surprised, though, being me.


from jadelennox: Johnny Vera is the prom queen in Fresno.


Um, Jerry Falwell died.  I've seen a lot of people talking about how he'll get to Heaven and see all the queers and suchlike and it'll be like Hell for him, and I was thinking of how at Bible Study last week Gary was talking about the unpopular idea that there will be people you don't like in heaven, mentioning the Psalm 23 bit "thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies" and how it could mean that your enemies are at table with you.  I of course mentioned Madeleine L'Engle's Genesis Trilogy idea about Heaven being a banquet that isn't complete until everyone is reconciled and at table (a la the prodigal son).  It is such a challenging idea, and I love it so much.

Edit: I really like nevernever's post on this. /edit


Yay for nice phone conversations with people who left me voicemails last week :)

Also made of win, talking until the cell phone battery dies, promptly e-mailing to explain:

     Subject: sorry, my phone battery died
     Body: [blank]

and getting the prompt reply:

     Subject: I figured, and totally knew you would email asap
     Body: [blank]
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