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Heroes 1.23 "How to Stop an Exploding Man" [2007-05-21] season finale

I like that Niki says what we were all thinking: "Why did you take that bullet?  You could have let it phase right through you?"  She's being willfully naive if she thinks D.L. will still be where she left him after she gets Micah, though -- as if Linderman's security won't find him in that time.

I still sympathize with Bennet's greater good approach.

Mohinder: "And what about killing Thompson?  Did that save thousands of lives as well?"
Bennet: "No, just my own."

I was a little agog that Mohinder and Bennet both stopped and lowered their guns at the reveal that Molly and Parkman go way back and his statement that no one's gonna hurt her.
Okay, Mohinder's still squeamish about killing people, but Bennet could totally have killed her right then -- though he would lose his ally in Parkman (but he must have already been kind of expecting that -- though he didn't know it was a child).

I like that Peter starts to lose control of his powers when he's emotionally distraught.

Gotta love how quickly things flip around -- now that they need to find Sylar to save Claire, Mr. Bennet's all "We have a tracking system; we're fixing it now."

Claire: "Tell me you have a plan, dad."
Mr. Bennet: "I have a plan."
cf. "Lie to Me"

Molly: "Because when I think about him, he can see me."

Simone's father (Charles) was part of Generation 1.0!

Hee, the idea that there's an unhidable look when they first manifest.

"Linderman's been wrong before."
"This world won't be saved on strength alone -- needs hope." (paraphrased)
Of course Linderman knows this, says as much when he's selling Nathan on it.  We've already seen it in Nathan's Congressional speech.
"I know you're there, Peter."
Love!  (Which still begs the question of what Charles' power is.  Though I still say dreams -- which I said ages back.  Though somehow it would have to be distinct from the dreamwalking little kid of earlier in the season with Mohinder.)

I love Sylar's dismissive, "Please, what would I want with your brain?"

Sylar to Hiro: "Think you can do your little trick before I can do mine?"

I seriously thought Mama Petrelli and Nathan were exchanging significant looks 'cause she was gonna inject Claire with a tranquilizer.
"I already have a family."  And she jumps out the window!  Awesome sauce!

The first penthouse scene with Candice and Micah, I commented on how she looked like Niki but really didn't speak like her (which I liked, because it meant that she could project physical illusions but didn't have actual mind control, had to cultivate person impersonations through acting skills).  Here, though, her Jessica is spot-on.  Love Jessica showing up on the shattered glass (I wans't expecting that as I'd forgotten about how she shows up in mirrors.  I know, I fail at memory sometimes.)
Little bummed that when the illusions go, Candice remains in what we've seen as her default appearance, especially after last episode's quip about being fat.  Though I would accept a fanwank that she has cultivated this default image so hard that it's at the level of he unconscious manifesting it, that it goes deeper than temporary illusions like dead-Micah.

Aww, Hiro leaving Ando the historic sword: "So you know I'll be back."
And "You taught me what a hero really is" or "how to be a hero" or whatever his line is exactly.
"It's not the sword, it's the man. -- This man is ready."

Ando to Hiro: "You look bad-ass."
Oh, Ando, you wub him so.

Mr. Bennet: "I'll put you down myself. -- I"m a pretty good shot."  Using the phrase "put you down," which is used for animals, is so powerful... and then the undercutting with the hee-inducing "pretty good shot."
Peter: "Thank you, Mr. Bennet."
Mr., Bennet: "Call me Noah." -- echoing "Call me Charles."  I wibbled.  (And of course he would have a Biblical name.)

I was hyperventilating basically the entire penultimate section and the second half of the final section of this ep (not going the post-Vol.1 bit).  I was jotting stuff down on my computer during commercial breaks instead of my old method of having a notebook in front of me -- clearly I underestimated how much there would be to this episode.  How am I supposed to get any work done tomorrow when I'm gonna want to just rewatch the last couple segments of this episode?

Interesting Molly's "What if he's a bad guy?" given how trusting she's been thus far.
Mohinder is so Hippocratic Oath ("I have to help him.").

Molly (re: the elevator): "It won't work."
Micah: "Yes it will."
Molly-Micah: child otp?

I don't want Matt to die.

Yay Niki joining the good fight!

Micah to Niki: "Mom! Dad needs you!"
Okay, not really sure what she could do for him 'cause hi, not a doctor.

Of course Peter's all "It's okay, I got this," even though what is his plan exactly?  It's not like he's trained as a fighter.  The only reason he's "the only one who can stop Sylar" is because he has a sponge of powers (it's unclear whether when he's around Sylar he absorbs the powers that Sylar has taken).  Love that Matt and Hiro and Niki all get in on trying to help kill Sylar, though.  So much more uplifting than Peter's first dream of going nuclear :)  And [jumping ahead a bit?] the families are reunited (and some expanded)... and the shots of groups walking together made me think of OMWF or something.

Of course Mr. Bennet is still trying to point the gun at Peter even as he's wounded.  I wanted Peter to fly away, though, so I was actively wanting Mr. Bennet to stop.  And then Claire comes and takes the gun and begs for there to be another way.  And finally Nathan shows up!  And I realized that if Peter was too out of control to keep from going nuclear (and I don't really understand why he can't control it) then he wouldn't be able to access or at least maintain control of his having of Nathan's flying powers.  [Edit: today's Dinosaur Comic!]

I love that Sylar ends with accessing Isaac's power, seeing the future, in fast images like earlier in this ep, so we don't actually know what it is.

Molly crying made me wonder if the Petrellis really were dead (since of course she would know), though I feel like the show can't possibly do that.

We end with a blood smear to the sewer, which annoyed me 'cause really I was done with Sylar.  (And so many people this ep living through serious woundings.  Particularly interesting given that in various other shows recently I've complained about people dying immediately from single bullet shots.)

"End of Volume One"

"Volume Two"


Outside Kyoto, Japan, 1671

I almost thought Hiro would become Kensei, but then there was the lone rider on the hill, whom I imagine is Kensei.

And the fucking eclipse again.
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