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All in all, a fairly good day.

Despite forgetting to actually turn my alarm on this morning, I still woke up with enough time to shower and get to work with time to spare.  (Exam day, so we had to distribute exams at 8:30 and 8:45. -- My department's is the last exam, so the students should be gone soon.  Yay.)

After we came back, Katie, Greg, and I went to get breakfast at Spangler.  I got scrambled eggs (plus some potato and a slice of french toast) 'cause that was kind of my vegetarian Spangler option.  I always thought I wasn't much for eggs, but they turn out to be the kind of nice bland food I like (I don't actively like the taste, but I don't dislike it, either).  This continues my theme of becoming even worse at being a wanna-be vegan.  Yay for protein, though.  Come lunch time I decided it was gonna be a salad day 'cause I still felt largely full and definitely didn't want anything heavy.  (I largely wanted kidney beans, which I discovered I like a lot.  Today I also tried chick peas and cottage cheese, both of which I learned I am fine with.)  I did snag a pre-TGM chocolate chip cookie, though.

Recently I keep thinking of the section in Traveling Mercies (the "Hunger" chapter) where she talks about having severely disordered eating and her recovery process, specifically the idea of giving herself permission to eat what she wanted to (being aware of what it was that she wanted and also being aware of when she was full).  Reading French Women Don't Get Fat has made me really conscious about what I'm eating, specifically thinking about consuming nutritious stuff and being aware of when I'm full and of consuming "junk food" sparingly (with the further idea of holding out for stuff you really enjoy, rather than just stuffing your face), and I'm definitely not being hardcore about it, and I was thinking today about the idea that even when it looks like little kids are eating nothing but PB&J sandwiches or something, you probably don't need to worry that they're not getting enough nutrients because over a period of time they'll eat other stuff and balance out because their bodies know what they need.  I like this idea of paying attention to what my body really wants -- along with encouraging it along the way, since I know I for one have definitely developed major food ruts (which I suspect plays a large role in the "I don't know what I wanna eat" phenomenon).

I went to the gym for the first time since last Wednesday (Reunion, then Monday was laundry and Tuesday was shopping for better gym pants).  SO much emptier than when I was there last week.  I did the elliptical, interval program, half hour plus cool down (which lasted extra long, 'cause an OPM participant started chatting with me).  [1mi - 11:12min / 2mi - 22:59min / 2.58mi - 30min]

Afterward, I did ten minutes on the rowing machine.  I was feeling really bored -- and had stuff to do afterward -- so I was disinclined to push myself to do a full half hour.  I think I wanna try lifting weights -- tomorrow.


I saw this meme via likeadeuce (and other people since) and adore it.

Comment with two characters I write know, and I'll tell you about their first kiss.

[Possible fandoms: BtVS, Angel, Firefly, ST:TNG, HP, XMM, tWW, CSI, WaT, HIMYM, Heroes, BSC, anything else you think I might be familiar with.]


Edit: This was apparently my 3,500th entry (which I noticed in checking my UserInfo and seeing "Journal entries: 3,502" -- it also said: "Comments: Posted: 15,971 - Received: 11,433").
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