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S60 1.17 "The Disaster Show"

I'd seen in the Metro this morning that Allison Janney was guesting on Studio 60 tonight, so I figured I'd check it out. CAUMC small group meant I was only home for the second half ('cause it's not like I was gonna rush home from that for this). I was really not into it.

I liked Simon's "I was gonna come up with a lie, a good lie, one that was showed some respect for you...." Honesty is of course one of my huge Things. But of course we knew as soon as Stephanie showed up that it would go badly just as it did, and that kind of plotline is one I don't like at all.

Cal seemed really familiar but I couldn't place him, though I thought it was from West Wing, so I IMDb-ed during a commercial break, and it's Danny. Evidence of my feeling toward S60 was that my immediate thought was, "Oh, how the mighty have fallen." It also made that closing scene/conversation between the two of them particularly interesting.

And speaking of that scene... I was uncomfortable with his insistence (and her agreement, as indicated by her final sincere-seeming "Thank you") that "Didn't you have the time of your life tonight?" It felt paternalistic/patronizing/whatever to be all "I know what you're feeling better than you do," and I didn't see any evidence in the sketches I saw that she really was having fun [P.S. The "We have an advantage: We know how to make it look like it's your fault" was a good line.], and the statement seemed to imply (if it didn't say outright, I'm not sure if my memory is correct) "best night of your life," and dude, I will validate that she loves acting even when it all goes to hell, but to say that your crap SNL knock-off is better than any of her experiences on The West Wing? Whatever.

Edit: baggers has a lovely screencap.

And thanks to the magic of officially sanctioned streaming video, I got to watch the first half of the show. It didn't help much. Yeah, there were a lot of good lines (e.g. "I just want it to not have bullets." / "I'll aim low.") -- just as there were in the second half -- e.g. "Mr. Bond, I hope you like your martinis strong." / "Mm, like my men.") but it still didn't make me feel like it was a good show.

Other notes:

Oh god, we get an episode title card just like on West Wing. Aaron Sorkin, this show is not that important [not quite the word I'm looking for, but close enough]. (Though I've never seen MSports Night, so maybe this is just a Sorkin Thing.)

I agree with Mary Alice that while Allison Janney could forget her lines, she wouldn't forget that much.

Yup, I do like Simon's honesty.

Rewatching also means I can edit this entry for the exact lines, and Cal's line is: "It was a bad show. [...] I mean classically bad. But it still beats digging a hole for a living, right? Tell me you still didn't have the time of your life tonight."
And yeah, seeing Allison Janney's other sketches, I am not any more sold on the idea that she had any fun tonight.
[And Timothy Busfield -- aka Danny Concannon and Cal Shanley -- is also credited as "Consultant" in the credits.]

Oh, Ari, having seen your post w/ userpic I IMDb-ed Martha O'Dell and giggled retrospectively 'cause during the disaster show a character confused Allison Janney with Christine Lahti.
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