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"Can feel the love that radiates, illuminating what I know is true"

I got Affirmed for my storytelling ability at CAUMC tonight, but I am definitely not up for writing up tonight.  Sleeep.

There was some adorable kid stuff at HBS today, and there was cabana boy joking at the Welcome Breakfast, and CAUMC small group dinner etc. included talk of gay bars and assorted offers of wingman ("wing-girl"? "wing-woman"?) -- I'm now Anthony's wing-girl/woman, Michelle's my wingman, and Jess would be my wing-person.  Awesome.  Also awesome: today's Dinosaur Comics [permalink].


And because I always record it:
* half hour on elliptical interval program -- 1mi@11:40min, 2.48mi@30min
* I checked out the weight room (which sign actually says, iirc, "Strength Training Equipment Area") and was a little bit intimidated.  I tried out a few of the machines, will likely try the free weights tomorrow.  I feel somewhat at sea with weight-training 'cause it's less intuitive than cardio work; I have vague memories of numbers of reps/sets, but that's about it.
Tags: comics: [online]: dinosaur comics, gymming it up, have ya met . . .

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