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CSI 7.08 "Happenstance" [watched on cbs.com: 2007-05-25]

Original airdate November 16, 2006, but I somehow taped over it or something. It reaired last night [thanks to Amy, btw, 'cause she mentioned her dad mentioning the ep to her, which prompted me to check which episode it was] but I'd forgotten to check the TVGuide listings (I had deleted the weekly timer programming since the season was over) but yay for streaming video provided by the network. (Yes, I know there are torrents or whatever, but I have near zero free space on my current computer.)


Interesting, we don't usually get that much time with the vics before their deaths. Okay, this functioned mostly to do lots of mirroring tricks, but I approved. [The lipstick segue made me wonder if the husband was cheating on his wife with her twin sister. Yeah, I know, I spend way too much time in my own world.]

Warrick: "If you're planning on killing yourself, why bring home a doggy bag?"
Grissom: "It's human nature. We continue to perform the routine motions of our life until the moment of our death."

Doc Robbins: "I'm a twin. Well I was. My twin died in utero. My mother didn't tell me about it until I was an adult. When I decided to become a coroner, she blamed herself. She said it was because I'd spent so many days living next to a dead body."

As soon as it was mentioned that she was adopted I called that the envelope came from her biological mother.

kid (hugging his father as his father is nearly crying): "It's okay, Daddy. Let's go home and see Mommy."

Hee, Mandy making Nick sing Barry Manilow to her (which of course made me think of Angel).

Equine assisted therapy program made me think of Megan from CAUMC, who's interested in doing animal therapy stuff.

Hodges peed on the doorhandles of the car of a prof who gave him a B, 'cause he couldn't bring himself to key the car.... Right then.

I like Tiffany's obsession with her sister (and yes, thanks to fandom totally thought GSA).

Warrick: "I found her naughty drawer."
Greg: "My favorite part of any bedroom search."

Grissom: "Did you believe she was suicidal?"
Jill's doctor: "Off the record, no, I don't. I don't think she was suicidal. I thought -- I, I actually thought she was getting better."
Grissom: "So then how does a... attractive, successful, 36 year old woman hang herself from her own balcony?"
Jill's doctor: " 'Cause the choice was there. At the end of the day, when an obsessive brain is presented with a choice, it sometimes it just can't shut off the clatter of the idea until it sees it through to conclusion. The idea found its way in."
... Interesting.

assistant: "She must be lying dead in a ditch not to answer her phone. [...] Is she in some kind of trouble?"
Brass: "Well, it wasn't a ditch."
assistant: "Oh my God!"

Grissom: "Well, people's first explanation of twins is always parapsychology, but the truth is, there's a lot of biological encoding at work. I mean, if you have the same musculature and bone structure in your hand, the chance of writing the same is not out of the question. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you see with the same eyes, or taste with the same tongue...."
Heart. You are so my dad. (With the preference for straightforward scientific explanations for stuff versus supernatural explanations.)

"We engaged in some roleplaying sex to get her comfortable"?! You're her therapist!

I actually found the reporter's "I used a lie to tell the truth." argument compelling.

"Having sex with her was like eating glass."

Warrick: "I'm sorry, I just don't see Miss Neat Knickers and this guy making it as a couple."
Oh the pun.

Boo on Thoreau.
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