Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Law & Order: SVU 6.18 "Pure" [rerun: 2007-05-26]

Nitpick: How did those pictures of Jake&Kaley get on Kaley's phone? 'Cause there's no implication that anyone was there with her to take them (and it's not like anyone would have had a reason to take them anyhow -- I don't even really understand why Sebastian took a picture of her tied up; I mean, I get that he's all facial-expression-oriented, but it's not like he was planning on keeping the phone anyhow, right? and the "prize" seemed to be the face during the actual rape act).

As soon as Jake said "BiddingRoom.com" I was like, "Hey, I saw this ep of Without a Trace" -- knowing before he said it that she was auctioning off her virginity.

When they found her below a water pipe and Stabler said that Sebastian had predicted that, I was like, "He actually believes Sebastian now?" I like that he realized it meant Sebastian was the killer (even though I didn't actually agree at the time, considering Sebastian was at the precinct the whole time -- I did call that the name the computer was registered to was an alias for him, though).

Hee, Casey getting them a search warrant from a drunk judge. (I loved the earlier line about hoping she could "bootstrap" them a warrant.)

Wow Sebastian's creepy. (As is his wife.) I like the way they built up the rational explanation of how he could fake psychic-ing and then culminated it with him getting off on the facial expressions of women he raped. For, y'know, meanings of "like" that don't actually imply endorsement of him as a human being at all.
Tags: tv: l&o: svu

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