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[Heroes] names + the most recent comics

I know, I know, descriptive > prescriptive and I'm not sufficiently pomo and all, but seeing characters' names misspelled (fanfic, episode reaction posts) just makes me wince. If I see "Nikki" one more time.... Leaving aside the fact that character's names often show up in title cards on screen, it's not that hard to check on IMDb -- which while admittedly not infallible is fairly good for stuff like this.

[Interesting, I checked Missy Peregrym's IMDb back in mid-March to check on the Candace/Candice spelling, and it listed her character's name as "Faith." Cue Hebrews 11:1 -- "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."]


comics 33-34: "The Death of Hana Gitelman"

I disliked that they killed off Hana. I love her and am sad that we see so little of her onscreen.

Though okay, that she didn't exactly die is neat.

Would an Israeli Jew really conceive of angels as having feathery wings? That seems a secular Christian thing to me, but I don't really know much about contemporary Judaism (see also: would she believe in an afterlife/Heaven?) and am totally reading into this my own, "Hey, Biblical angels are not our contemporary cuddly images; they're scary and fiery and all that." I like the connection of angels and satellites, though.

Given how resistant Ted Sprague is to trust Bennet, I'm thrown by his threatening to melt her if she doesn't listen to Bennet -- though I can see how now that he's committed himself to this course of action he doesn't want anyone fucking it up.

I like the idea of the Tel Aviv "end of the world" parties (and flashed to anniesj's "The Last Summer" fic).

The shot of her in the purple is beautiful. (Where are the icons of comics!Hana?)

Also: Aww, Micah!
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