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PotC 2: Dead Man's Chest (2006) [2007-05-23]

I'm reluctant to see movies in theatres, and I heard such mixed things about PotC 2 (as well as that it ended with a total set-up for the third movie), so I opted to wait for it to come out on video. After Thanksgiving I put in an ILL request. It still hasn't arrived. So when Trelawney sent out an invite to see Pirates 3, I broke down and bought a copy at Newbury Comics. I do really like getting to talk about stuff with people, and I'd heard good things about the third movie, so it seemed worth it. (I mentioned to Trelawney on our drive to the theater that I had seen Pirates 2 for the first time last week when I bought it, and she was surprised that I hadn't just rented it. Honestly, that option hadn't even occurred to me so foreign is to my way of functioning. What I said was that I didn't even know where a nearby video rental place was, so I would have to track one down and go and get a membership, so it was worth it to me to just pick up a copy from a place I walk by every day.)


I love the opening shot, of the rain falling on the tea set.

And the East India Trading Co. flag looks so much like a pirate flag.

Interesting that Elizabeth immediately and forcefully says, "Captain!" to "a certain pirate named Jack Sparrow" (correcting the naming). IIRC, she refers to him as plaine ole "Jack Sparrow" later in the film, which for continuity-whore me was annoying.

I liked Jack escaping from wherever that was by hiding away in a casket. Gave a nice additional meaning to the film's title ("Dead Man's Chest") though of course we learned that its primary meaning was the chest that held Davy Jones' heart.

I'd successfully avoided spoilers for the most part, but of course I'd heard a lot about how there was a problematic cannibal island scene. And yes, it was problematic. I laughed at a lot of the physical comedy, but I was also continually aware of problematic so much of it was. And I had earlier noted that hey, there were black people on Jack's crew, but then when they were climbing up the rock wall, they turned out to be stupid and greedy and cowardly, so that was bad. (That was actually the scene that pinged me the hardest in terms of racial problematics.) Also: We spent so much time on Racism Island (TM I dunno who) and it felt really pointless for the most part.

Also: I'm not even an animal person and I was sad when the cannibals all chased after the dog as the Pearl sailed away. (I hear there was a post-credits scene in which we see the dog in the king throne, which while comforting on that front is highly problematic from an anti-racist perspective.)

I liked that Will remembered the names of so many of the people from Jack's crew (when he was on the island looking for them.)

The subtitles tell me that the boaters who picked up Jack's hat were speaking Turkish. I like the acknowledgement that not everyone in the Caribbean was English-speaking white men (though was there ever much of a Turkish presence there?), but it's kinda sad that they only seem to exist to get killed off.
In retrospect, it was a nice foreshadowing of Elizabeth's "The kraken's after you, not us" to Jack.

"You know you can't read."
"It's the Bible! You get points for trying."

Jack: "Where's that monkey? I need to shoot something."

Yum, Elizabeth dressed as a boy.

"If you both fancy the dress, you'll just have to share and it wear it one after the other."

Tia Dalma's "You have a touch of destiny about you" statement to Will bothered me. I don't like the idea of someone being decreed to be destined -- it takes a lot of the element of choice away from them 'cause they feel like "Oh I really should do something 'cause I have a destiny," plus it takes the onus off everyone else 'cause why risk yourself when there are destined people to take care of it?

Jack: "I brought payment. An undead monkey. Top that."

Tia Dalma: "What vexes all men."
-- "The sea".
-- "Sums."
-- "The dichotomy of good and evil."
Jack: "A woman." (which I totally called, btw)

I barely registered that Tia Dalma and Davy Jones had identical heart lockets, but her spiel about "same story, different versions, all true [...] a woman as harsh and untamable as the sea," I knew she was the woman of the story.

Tia Dalma: "Land is where you are safe, Jack Sparrow, and so you will carry land with you."
Okay, my immediate thought was of the Dracula lore with home soil. I'm not sold on how it's actually supposed to help him, but I do love that he's questioningly skeptical and she's like, "So you don't want it?" and he reacts by clinging to it -- 'cause when a badass voodoo mama offers you something to help protect you, you don't turn it down. (And I don't mind the "jar of dirt" jokes later in the movie -- though I don't really understand why he just taunts Davy Jones rather than actually taking out the heart -- or at least mentioning it -- to demonstrate his leverage.)

Flaming sword = awesome.

Norrington: "It's exactly the same as your story, only one chapter behind."

Hee, when the fight breaks out, the subtitles say, "[band plays a merry jig]."

I love that when Jack realizes it's Elizabeth the first thing he says is, "Hide the rum."

Jack: "What are you doing here?"
Norrington: "You hired me. I can't help it if your standards are lax."

Love Jack's "I could perform a mar-i-age right here, on this deck, right now."

Jack: "If Jones is dead, who's to call off his terrible beastie?"
Even at this point in the film I felt like, "Couldn't you take over control of the kraken if you killed Jones?"

"the darker side of ambition" / "the promise of redemption"

Will being all take-charge I was like, "Dude, Captain Will Turner."

"Heave like you're being paid for it."

I whimpered for the wounded kraken.

"Did we kill it?"
"No. We just made it angry."

When Elizabeth macked on Jack, I thought it was to get the letters of marque, but no, it was even more hardcore than that. (Earlier I had been thinking Jack had to go down with his ship, but I kept flashing "Out of Gas" and knowing that Jack wasn't that self-sacrificing. I actually didn't like Jack a whole lot in this movie. He was so amoral.)

Elizabeth: "It's after you, not the ship. -- I'm not sorry."
Jack: "Pirate."

By the time we got to the end of the movie, I had actually forgotten that I knew the actor who played Barbossa was gonna be in this movie, so I was honestly surprised when it was revealed that he was the one.

Later in the week I noticed that one of the art pieces we have up in the hall at work is of The Flying Dutchman.
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