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wrapping up and planning ahead

I've been fairly lazy most of this weekend, so this afternoon I walked down to Tags to purchase a box fan (as well as a few other things) -- only to find it was closed for the holiday (as was The Caning Shoppe, but that was less of a surprise).  I had some grocery shopping to do anyway, so I did that at Shaw's.

The walk wasn't too bad, though I reaffirmed that the sandals I'm fond of aren't great for long walking and also that I could totally do without it going above 80F.

It also induced nappitude.  Huh.  We'll see if that messes with my ability to sleep tonight.  Parenthetical: I am so pleased that we are still in that part of the season wherein it actually cools off overnight.


Last night, Tiffany mentioned that she's taking a summer ASL class (one of the CWM members is deaf, and she feels so so stupid that she can't do ASL, despite the fact that he's very good at lip-reading etc. so it's not an actual serious hindrance to conversation), so I jumped at the chance to take them with her.  For years I'd been thinking I would like to learn it, but without anyone to practice with I knew it wouldn't stick.


Later last night, Ari was asking me if I was doing anything for Pride -- which is like two weeks long.  My instinct was "not so much", which of course surprises no one, but looking at the calendar I am excited about churching it up that Saturday.

Saturday June 9th
    Pride Interfaith Service
    At the Union United Methodist Church, 485 Columbus Avenue, Boston.
    The guest speaker will be the Rev. Troy Perry, Founder of the Metropolitan Community Church
    Pride Service at Arlington Street Church
    This year’s theme is “Wake Up!”
    Service will feature music written and performed by queer artists.
    Arlington Street Church, 351 Boylston Street, Boston


Original Roomie's working on Tom Stoppard's "Indian Ink" at BCA Plaza (June 15-July 1) which looks interesting.


I'm also considering going to see the Nathan Fillion-Keri Russell film Waitress.
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