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summer day: pretty good day

I was walking to the library this morning and glanced down at my dark skirt swirling around my ankles and my black square-toed boots and felt like I had seen that exact image before, somewhere in the Jossverse.  I figured it had to be Willow and eventually decided on OMWF (when they're all marching together).  I felt certain I was recalling the image from someone's LJ icon, and as I struggled to recall it ('cause I couldn't rewatch the ep until I got home, so why not obsess?) I realized that no, it's River on Miranda.

I ended up taking the 3:05 rather than the 5:05 'cause Terry had actual work to do and I had a party to prep for.  This meant I got to stop at Tags and get a window fan.  I was v. sweaty from the walk when I got home, but the house was remarkably not miserable at all.

The skirt has a slip built in and I managed to rip both the slip and the exterior skirt in crawling on my bed to put in the window fan and clamoring on a chair to move glasses in the kitchen cabinet.  I couldn't find my shorts and wanted a skirt that was loose and comfortable, so I ended up grabbing the sparkly dark blue dress I wore to seminary prom off of my to-be-handwashed pile.

I bought groceries, washed dishes, and started attacking my disaster of a room.  Then people started showing up.  We ordered from Dial-a-Pizza (large Mediterranean, and at the end there were only 3 slices left) and when the pizza arrived I realized I had lost my purse.  (I did find it after everyone had gone home and I was putting my room back together.)  Thankfully, Jess spotted me the money.

At least two people today commented on my "Harry Potter" earrings.  They're my $6.95 Newbury Comics earrings, and it had never occurred to me before today to see lightning bolts and think Harry Potter (though yes obviously once it was mentioned I immediately knew the connection).

We watched Life of Brian -- which I had never seen before.  It makes a lot of good points, and I definitely laughed a number of times (though this DVD didn't have subtitles, so especially with all the accents I definitely wasn't getting it all), but on the whole I just enjoyed Holy Grail so much more.
James: Cheer up. Remember what the Monty Python boys say.
Helen: "Always look on the bright side of life"?
James: No, "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition."
-Sliding Doors
P.S. Am still figuring out what I'm doing for Pride.  What's this I hear about mud wrestling in a previous year?
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