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"I am the others."

Meh, zombies bore me.  Though it's kind of fun watching this pseudo-RPG play out on my flist.

OriginalRoomie did not in fact leave our potential new roommates hanging, and there is a plan for cleaning the house a bit and showing the apartment on Saturday.

I mailed packages today.

I ate well today:
* FA luncheon: I had bits of pre-prepared salads (mushrooms, mozzarella, sliced almonds) but then they also had spinach lasagna and poh-tay-toes.  And there was chocolate mousse cake for dessert.
* Siobhan brought back Swiss chocolate for Ranjan and Clare, and Ranjan shared.
* Family dinner at Firefly.  I thought about getting the "Baked Brie with french bread, apples & grapes" starter, but since I had decided on pizza (Roasted Garlic with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, shredded mozzarella) as my main dish I (rightly) suspected that would be quite enough.  I was tempted by the White Sangria but got the Almond Joy martini instead.  I had one sip and felt dizzy; wow, I hadn't realized my alcohol tolerance had gotten that low.  Oh, and we shared an eight-layer (v. tall but not v. wide) chocolate mousse type thing for dessert.

Poll courtesy of Greg:
Poll #1002870 Oscar Wilde and Groucho Marx

Which is *more true*?

"Anything worth doing is worth doing to excess."
"Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly."

Bonus: Which "anythings" were you thinking about in making your decision?

* thistlerose is going to be hosting a Dawn Was Here All Along ficathon (dawn_all_along).
* xanphibian is polling in preparation for a "boywhores" (cf. Kaylee in "Heart of Gold") ficathon/fest.
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