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(I'm somewhat surprised I haven't seen any posts about this yet.)

photoprince posted:
you can watch the debate in the state house, officially scheduled to start at 1, here: http://housetv.hou.state.ma.us/
I just now got back from lunch and clicked on it and all it tells me is: "The membership has voted in opposition to the initiative amendment S. 2220." I wasn't sure if there was other stuff they were voting on today (hi, we totally watched "A Good Day" tWW 6.17 yesterday) so I checked MassEquality and their splash page says:

Today the Massachusetts Legislature convened for the final vote on the discriminatory, anti-gay marriage, ballot initiative.

The Legislature defeated the ballot initiative by a vote of 151 to 44. Click here for the final tally.
[ed. note: They do not yet actually have the tallies up.]

Full disclosure: I spent yesterday writing a letter to JoeF. re: his column and did not contact any legislators. I have no street cred. Once they do have the vote tallies up I think I will write thank you notes to the appropriate legislators, though.

Edit: They have the list up now, and all of "my" State Senators&Representatives voted No. (And, assuming I'm remembering my Ward correctly, my State Rep has "National Gay and Lesbian Task Force" listed on his Organizations. And this is my Senator.)
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