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Star Trek [The Original Series] 3.10 "Plato's Stepchildren" [rerun: 2007-06-16]

This is possibly the first ST:TOS episode I've seen full-through. (I grew up in the TNG era.) The acting feels wooden. Oh, Shatner.

I couldn't resist an episode blurb that read like a fanfic summary, though.

"A literal battle of wills ensues when the arrogant, telekinetic inhabitants of Platonius order the Enterprise to remain on their planet, forcing them to perform humiliating tasks for their amusement." (from tvguide.com/listings)

Dr.McCoy: "I have my orders." ♥

They bring two female officers down, with their clingy short-skirt outfits and their knee-high boots (Kirk: " I guess we weren't sufficiently entertaining.") and yet it's Shatner who ends up in the skimpiest outfit at the revel.

Is this the famous first interracial kiss? ::Googles:: Indeed it is. Oh, 1968. Interesting that it caused such commotion even though the characters were being forced (though Uhura's unforced lines, particularly the delivery and the physicality thereof, clearly indicate deep feeling for Kirk).

Nurse Chapel to Spock: "For so long I've wanted to be close to you. Now all I want to crawl away and die."

Oh, and I IMDb-ed and Barbara Babcock was in fact 31.
Philana: "How old would you say I am? Don't be afraid. I'm not vain."
Spock: "35."
Philana: "That old? I stopped aging at 30. Well, anyway, you're off by 2,000 years. I'm 2,300 years old."
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