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On Thursday at the gym Rita (who works downstairs in Finance) and I were walking from the check-in counter to the locker room and she casually asked me, "What are you doing here?"
me: [very confused as to what the question was] "Uh, going to the gym?"
Rita: "You're not taking a class?"
me: "Oh, no, I'm just working out."

I did in fact score an elliptical.  My thighs(?) hurt, which was somewhat disconcerting.  Walking type stuff is supposed to be my default.  It didn't hurt enough that I felt like I should stop, though, and it got better as I went along.
1mi @ 10:44min
2mi @ 22:20min
2.66mi @ 30min
3.03mi @ post-5min cooldown

I did 3 sets of 12 reps of 8lbs on free weights and did a little bit on the machines (like 3 sets of 12 reps of 20lbs on the machine were you sit down and pull the weight towards you) but not much since I had to be at CAUMC by 7.


Friday at lunch I forget how it came up, but MaryAlice was complaining about Ebonics.  She mentioned a Wesley Snipes movie in which Wesley Snipes is cheating on his black wife with a white woman and the wife gets together with her friends, all black women who are like Yale grads, and they lapse into Ebonics to bitch about this white woman.


Friday I went to the gym after work.  Elliptical again.
1mi @ 10:48min
2mi @ 22:05min
2.69mi @ 30min
3.05mi @ post-5min cooldown

One thing I really like about the elliptical versus the treadmill is that I can change my pace as needed with the ease of my body rather than having to press buttons until I get to something that feels comfortable.  (I do think there's value in doing stuff like the treadmill that's more weight-bearing than the elliptical.)

No weight room as Michelle was picking me up at 7pm to go to Sue's Game Night.


Michelle's very much a music person, so on the drive from Somerville to Waltham of course we had music.  She asked what kind of music I liked and I was like, "Uh...."  She suggested "complainy girl with her piano" sort of music and I said yeah that was fine :)  We started with Sheryl Crow Paula Cole Fiona Apple ["Fast As You Can" etc.].

She also played me selections from a group called Honest Bob And The Factory-to-Dealer Incentives, which was fun (trijinx, I thought of you).

At Sue's, Sue asked Michelle who sings some song, and Michelle knew it immediately; then Eric and Michelle were going at it, and at one point I commented that it was like listening to a foreign language 'cause I barely even recognized any of the words (band names and song names).

On the way home, we listening to Tori's new album, and it occurred to me that I remember hearing about Strange Little Girls I think via Neil Gaiman's blog but didn't have a deep interest in that album and never got around to checking out any of the ones that came out later  -- Scarlet's Walk, The Beekeeper (since Hi, I'm not much of a music purchaser).

The album starts with "Yo George," which I actually kinda liked, though I didn't actually realize the pun until later.  I was thinking later about this song and recent conversations with Mary Alice (or rants from her, y'know, whatever) and how I am automatically resistant to any political complaint that comes from the Left by virtue of it coming from the Left, even if objectively I probably would/should agree with it, and feeling like this is an excessive irrational reaction 'cause Smith wasn't that bad and jokingly thinking perhaps I should go into therapy.  Anyway.
I like the second track, "Big Wheel," a lot -- "So you are a superstar / Get off the cross we need the wood" ... "I am a M-I-L-F don' you forget" (I was introduced to this concept via an LJ icon; also, hee, TLGN).
She also played me "Programmable Soda" (Track 14) which is an interesting song (and of course I kept thinking about how to parse the "cherry" bit when taken as a pun).


Michelle and I were the first to arrive at Game Night, and while Sue prepped the food, we lounged on the couch.  Either she or Sue defaulted to channel-surfing, and we tuned in to the end of an episode of That 70's Show ("Kelso's Career") and after a few minutes I realized I had seen this ep (Kelso as sperm donor) and the next one: (Kelso as underwear model -- "Leo loves Kitty"); not sure if I'd seen the last one ("Jackie's Cheese Squeeze").
Michelle's favorite is Hyde (I made the Oz analogy); of course Donna is my favorite.

At one point (I think during Apples to Apples) I asked Michelle if she'd seen Firefly.  She hadn't -- and apparently doesn't like Gina Torres.  ::sad and confused face::  I'm honestly not sure whether she'd like the show, but after we finish HIMYM I'm gonna make her watch at least a little.  Possibly selecting episodes for maximum Jayne 'cause I think he's so her type.


Mike and Meredith brought their friend Chris (went to WPI, does tech support).  We were setting up for Trivial Pursuit when Eric and Trelawney showed up with Apples to Apples, which of course trumped that, being the most awesome game ever.

I got Easy from Mike for "Getting a Hug."  (Is that not the best thing ever?)
Then Meek from Trelawney for Darth Vader (most/least is foreign to this crowd, but we often play antithesis cards).
I totally cleaned up, also winning:
Smart (Stonehenge - Meredith)
Haunting from Mike for "Eyes" (beating out Haunted House)
Creepy (Michael Jackson from Chris)

Michelle got: Desperate, Innocent (Snow - from me), Feminine (Grace Kelley - from me; beating out Silk, Jesse Ventura [Chris' throwaway card, but I grew up on WWF, yo, so it was tempting to pick it just because it was awesome], and Deer Hunting [I think that was Eric's play-to-the-dealer card]).


I left Saturday open in hopes of showing the apartment.  We ended up just having one taker (though there are a couple other people OriginalRoomie still needs to get back to).  Fastest showing of the apartment ever.  Tufts student looking on behalf of his girlfriend who's moving up here from Miami.  He was very positive about the apartment and will be in touch.  I'm not getting my hopes up, of course.  OriginalRoomie says there are a couple people she needs to get back to.  We need someone to move in ~2months from now, so obviously we've got time, but it would be nice to get this settled soon.

I was thinking later that one of the benefits of living with your friends is that you're less likely to have such turnover.  (At least OriginalRoomie's staying for next year.)


My mom e-mailed me: Mr. Jacobs (my 5th grade teacher, and one of my very favorites) died last week.
"Instead of flowers, memorial donations may be made to Caritas Good Samaritan Hospice [...] or the ALS Society of Dedham."
Lou Gehrig's disease?  I had thought he had Parkinson's.


Friday morning at work I noticed someone was standing in front of my desk, so I said hi as I looked up and then realized it was John P.  He's been working at the b-school, so every Singspiration he says he's gonna come see me, but he never has 'cause he's always so busy.
During our conversation he asked me: "Will we see you on Sunday?" / "Why would -- oh, Father's Day."  (I'd seen plenty of ads, but it didn't really stick 'cause we never do Father's Day -- my dad being the one who's not into obligatory celebration dates and really doesn't want much in the way of gifts.)

I was telling CAUMC!Meredith how it's not like my dad would be going to church anyway (though possibly he assumed I would be coming home for Father's Day celebrations of some sort and would thus go to church) and later it was occurring to me that I should say "the church my family goes to" rather than "my parents' church" or "the church my parents go to" 'cause while I say "my parents' house" or "where my parents live," my dad never went to UCN except to see me and my brother performing; the current UCN contingent is my mom because of my my grandmother, and sometimes my brother when he's home.

Both of my churches today only mentioned Father's Day in the Prayers of the People (though CWM did a special blessing for anyone who self-identified as a father in some way, as they had for Mother's Day).  I am very okay with that.

Everyone's clear on the concept that my father is awesome, right?  The concept "daddy's girl" is really not how my family functions, but my father was the primary caregiver and I am so my father's daughter -- prizing honesty, intentionality, and logic; libertarian leanings, etc., though obviously I'm not a clone (of him or my mother, appearances to the contrary).


I checked out the new exhibit at the Nave Gallery: displacement.

It's . . . interesting.

So much modern art the accompanying explanatory text is really interesting concepts but the actual visual is kind of meh.  I was thinking about how I appreciate the artwork a lot more knowing what the artist is trying to do with it, and how this is true to some degree of so much visual art (I'm thinking of looking at paintings in art museums and checking the labels to see who the portrait is of), and then of course I think of all the pomo stuff about not privileging authorial intent.


[Reconciling Convo] The Marla-Sean-Will room is filled up (they invited a guy from Conference) so Jeremy is starting Room 2 with Mark and Kirk.  Sharon's fairly certain that Michele has a wedding to go to and so can't go to Convo.  Trevanna really wants to go but hasn't (yet) been offered a permanent positiuon at her job, so she really doesn't wanna ask for days off.  So do I book my own room at the Holiday Inn (hello, WriterCon), or do I crash in their room (sleeping on carpeted floors is no problem for me, btw)?

Also: Trevanna's looking for a place to move into by September, so of course I suggested my house, but sher upper limit is $475/mo (with $350/mo being preferred -- she currently makes $9/hr).  Yeah, I wish her the best of luck (she's, obviously, looking at big multi-room apartments).  She said if she can't find anything and has to move her price range up she'll totally be in touch.


Bunker Hill Day is tomorrow.


Edit: Is that rain I hear outside? Whee! *loves on the cool breeze*
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