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"Come on, come on, think about all those offers..."

Meh, the past couple nights do not bode well for me and summer.  The warm weather makes it harder for me to fall asleep, and all the water I'm drinking means I have to pee all the time.

We were coming back from getting lunch, and MaryAlice was saying she suspected she was dehydrated -- "You know that taste you get when you're dehydrated?" she said.  I said no actually I didn't and proceeded to tell the story of how on our first cross-country trip my mom, having learned from experience her previous cross-country trip, made sure we were never dehydrated.  Plus I'd spent the morning drinking my 27oz bottle (from CVS) of water.  She said all she'd had this morning was coffee.

The weather's been fairly mild, though, so I still have an actual appetite for food, which is good -- though I think the pseudo-fullness one gets from all that water has been messing with my ability to discern what I actually want to eat (or maybe that was just tonight).


Tee hee from today's Metro (Transit Transcript):
South Station, June 15, 6:31 p.m. --- Officers were alerted by a station cleaner and security guard to a male and female engaged in sexual relations in the men's bathroom.  Officers identified the parties and escorted them from the area.

I booked my hotel for Convo and found plane fare, but travelocity won't give me my password.

I also got information about the workshops, though I'm a bit confused 'cause it says "Please select EITHER a single track OR your top three workshop choices (you will be scheduled for two of the three)." but the schedule reads as follows (excerpted, of course):

3:00 PM          Workshops 1
4:30 PM          Workshops 2

3:00 PM          Workshops 3
4:30 PM         Workshops 4

(I'm also trying to figure out why the name Amy-Jill Levine -- one of the speakers -- sounds familiar.) Edit: Got it, thanks in part to Rhi. /edit

I think I'm gonna go for the transgender workshops, 'cause I'm fairly well-grounded in queer Christian stuff (and there's always a wealth of information on that out there).  And yeah, I am totally flashing to HomoCon (tm Hedy) in this whole workshop selection process.


I have little of interest to say about work stuff.

Full marks to Cambridge University Press website for ease of ordering.

"The Children Who Saved an Island" in Yankee which is full-size now; what up? (July 2007), the island in question -- Frenchboro, Maine -- is the island FUH has a house on, and where he'll be for his on-leave year.  (There are no street names, and you just pick up your mail at the post office, but if something requires a street address -- like FedEx or UPS or whatever -- I am to make something up 'cause it'll just go to this lobsterman on the mainland anyway who'll bring it over; apparently their preferred made-up street is "Sunset Boulevard," but I can make up whatever I want.)


Katie and I went to the gym after work.

Since I'm only going 2-3 times/week I'm doing half-hour elliptical (interval program) and some weight room.
1mi @ 11:22min
2mi @ 22:53min
2.60mi @ 30min

I saw Prof.D. briefly and then in the locker room this woman asked me if we'd been an Extension School class a few years ago -- apparently I look v. much like someone from her "Archaeology of the Southwest" class.

Peter and I were leaving campus at the same time, so we were chatting on the walk to the Square.  (He seemed surprised that I've only worked here a couple of years.)
He asked about my dogtag, so I explained, and then he was asking me about Pride, saying he didn't think of Boston as a particularly gay-friendly city.
"Okay, it's not Provincetown, or San Francisco -- Castro District," I said.
He said, "Yeah, it's not San Francisco, but it's not even New York."  Checking his bio after I got home, he got his A.B. from Princeton and his PhD from Stanford.  He said you think of Boston as being largely "blue collar conservative."  I talked some about the size of Pride before we parted ways, but the whole conversation I was thinking about how, while admittedly in part through self-selection, I've found Boston+environs to be a fairly solidly gay-friendly place.


Remember that ice cream etc. place between PJ Ryans and House of Tibet Kitchen, with the Italian name I could never pronounce or remember?  It's now Holland Street Cafe.  I suspect I only noticed that because there's a big Brigham's Ice Cream poster in the window.  I grew up with that, yo.  Like Ari, I think in hyperlinks; as I was composing the entry about this on my way home, my instinct was to hyperlink in a photo of the Brigham's from my Norwood youth, and then it registered that that image exists in my brain but probably not on the internets.


"This woman is supposed to disgust you." (from viggorlijah off friendsfriends; also on BFB).  Not only is it an offensive sentiment, but the supposedly unattractive women look very happy (which is attractive in itself) and are really not that inherently unattractive.

Edit: It occurs to me that I now have a terrific image source for a "real women have curves" icon. (And voila. Okay, the upper text needs work, and really it should be in a curvy font, but my computer's being tetchy.)
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