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"I can't get myself to do a thing about the trouble you bring"

I already have my permanent account, so the issue of whether to give money to LJ in the wake of Strikethrough is moot for me (except as concerns purchasing v-gifts/paid time for friends), but I think it is terrific that they are putting their money where their mouth is in trying to make things right. (I am also pleased to see that people are being so calm in registering their reservations in the comments.)

Edit: So I was checking out RAINN, and one of its front page stories is "Christina Ricci Joins RAINN as National Spokesperson" -- "I'm honored to join RAINN on Capitol Hill this month and I'm looking forward to future opportunities to raise awareness about sexual assault. In preparing for my role in Black Snake Moan, I was shocked to learn that someone is sexually assaulted every two and a half minutes in this country. We must shed light on this tragedy, and encourage sexual assault victims to get help through RAINN's National Sexual Assault Hotline. Rape is the most traumatic experience anyone can survive and I want to help."

Further down in the article, I read:
Ricci will also advocate for full funding for the Adam Walsh Act. There are 550,000 registered sex offenders nationally. 100,000 of these people are currently missing, having disappeared from the system. The Adam Walsh Act creates stricter requirements for sex offender registration, helping to prevent more perpetrators from slipping through the cracks.
::wibbles:: Sex offender registries make me so uncomfortable (as I believe I've talked about before, though probably in the context of crime dramas). I get that the recidivism rate is high and all that, but singling out this one type of crime . . . plus the high risk of vigilante-ism as a result of public access to this information . . . .
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