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"how far tell me, will faith get me?"

It's disturbing how much I'm catching in this my fourth read of the book (and the second/final page proofs round).


Katie was looking at extension school classes for the fall and I hadn't realized the 2007-2008 catalog was up yet.

Dude, last year I passed up RELI E-1325 Jesus of Nazareth and the Gospels to suffer through James Joyce and RELI E-1029  A Thematic Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) for History of the Medieval Church and this coming year neither of the ones I passed up are being offered.  Nof air. /Karen Brewster?Claire Pike

In looking through, I think I actually wanna take Introduction to the Classics of Western Thought I & II (Fall&Spring) -- for credit.

ENGL E-165 Criminal Love and the American Novel (12888) reminds me that I still need to read Djuna Barnes' Nightwood.


I got a "chicken" sub from T. J. Scallywaggle's [the other vegan place on the corner by D.E.A.F. Inc.].  Meh.  I've really gotta come up with a better plan for dinner Monday/Wednesday nights.

I've also been hungry with great frequency today (though not excessively hungry at any given mealtime or anything) which is mildly disturbing -- plus kinda frustrating, especially since I don't often know what I actually want to eat.


The first ASL class we had a sub (Kirk's boss, apparently) but tonight we had our regular teacher, about whom Kirk had told us (in part): He's a great fellow and "family" to boot!  When I saw him, my immediate thought was, "Kirk, you didn't tell us he was hot, too!"  Not like distractingly so, but yeah.

About midway through class he taught us stuff like "again" and "forget" and "I don't know," which I think we should have learned at the very beginning.  Especially given that this isn't like high school Spanish where you can ask the teacher stuff in English.

Also: We took this "Deaf Awareness Quiz," and at the end it says that the answers will come up throughout the workbook, which, okay, but I feel like it's mostly stuff that would be nice to know from the get-go (like the polite way to get a Deaf person's attention if they're facing away from you).  I also continue to be weirded out by the concept of Deaf as a distinct culture rather than just a disability.

Sidenote: Not only is this stuff harder to practice since it doesn't lend itself to flash cards or anything, but even just taking notes on what the sign is for a given word/concept/whatever is hard.  Also, I was reminded (cf. beginning Spanish) that I don't do well with rote memorization and want to have a logic I can root the word in to help me remember it.

We learned boy/girl, (grand)mother/(grand)father, baby, child, man/woman and wow, incredibly gendered.  "Boy" is basically miming a baseball cap, and "girl" is basically miming lipstick.  (These actually seemed really familiar to me, not entirely sure why.)  I was tempted to ask the sign for "trans."  Highly gendered signifiers totally make sense (and the other words aren't as obviously stereotyped, though interestingly the upper half of the face is where you make signs indicating male persons and the lower half of the face female persons -- which immediately made me think of stereotypes of males as cerebral and intelligent and females as verbal and emotional and physical) but I of course wonder what progressive Deaf people (you know, the ones who would be concerned about gender-neutral/inclusive language in written texts) do with this and what kind of niche signage has developed.

Will and I chatted with Abigail (she of the cool surname and Smithie-appearance) waiting for the bus (and then on the bus).  She's a rising junior at Cambridge Rindge and Latin who has to fulfill a two-year language requirement but is dyslexic, so she successfully petitioned to have ASL count and is taking it at Northeastern (which program the CWM interpreters come from, Will says) starting in the fall and is intimidated and thus taking this as prep.  On the Red Line back we chatted some about Pride, and I followed her out at Porter (where she lives) to finish our conversation.


Since I was walking back anyway, I figured I'd check out Ian's new digs -- except that I forgot Cottage is parallel to Orchard rather than off of it, so turning onto Orchard off Beech and following it to Davis didn't really help me.  I did see where Hope Fellowship (the place which was giving out granola bars at the T some time ago) is, though.  (Sidenote: Waiting for the bus, a guy handed Will a copy of the Watchtower, and I was thinking later that despite living around the corner from a Kingdom Hall, in the year I've lived her I've had no JW solicitations.)  And wow, just moving one block parallel to Elm you're in this really lovely quiet residential area.

When I hit the end of Orchard I decided to take Mass Ave. all the way back (CAUMC!Michelle drove by me at one point, hee) which was mostly fine, except that Alewife Brook Parkway abruptly ceases to have a sidewalk.  Yeah, there were a few moments when I was uncomfortably aware that if I slipped on this hillside and fell into the road I would be toast.
::looks at map:: Note to self: If you do this again, take Woodstock off Alewife Brook Pkwy to Waterhouse to Broadway.


I was checking LJ pages hunting for some info for a friend and saw:
* Going forward, you can view up to 1000 entries per tag (rather than 100). If an entry is no longer displaying on the tag view, you'll need to re-tag it so that it displays, but any future entries you tag will automatically be included in the tag view.
I don't understand this need for re-tagging or even how exactly it works, but seriously, ABOUT TIME.
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