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Man, group ended relatively early and then I stayed to help wash dishes. (tired)

I did not realize it was the Summer Solstice until the flist informed me this morning.  Amusingly, I am wearing a dark shirt (albeit short-sleeved) today, to go with my ubiquitous dark pants (I don't have any light-colored work pants that fit well, so sue me) and dark flats.

There's a scheduled network outage for July 2 and 3, so I think I'm gonna schedule stuff for those days that I never have time for anymore, like getting my hair cut.


Story of awesomeness for the day: MaryAlice was out front chatting with Barbara, and a flower delivery guy shows up, and MaryAlice jokes, "For me?  You shouldn't have."  And without missing a beat: "After last night?  How could I not?"


So, Lea's friend was kind enough to link me to this (which demonstrations I wish went slower, btw), and the Religious Signs section [I found while looking for Protestant] includes Prostitution.  Obviously this is a major word in the New Testament (though moreso Prostitute*, really), but still, AWESOME.
* Edit: The sign for Prostitute is actually in the main dictionary. /edit

On a practical level, it was most useful for numbers, which I totally wasn't able to take notes on in class.

It also has stuff like multiples of ten and o'clocks.  And states, which are just finger-spelling the postal abbreviations, which is boring -- though probably better than stereotypical name signs.


Gym after work.  (Sidenote: When Katie and I left ~5, there was a crack of thunder and big dark clouds.  Heart.  We didn't get actual lightning and rain until like 8:30? 9:00? -- I thought about Affirming God for the thunderstorms, since this was during Affirmations, but by the time it was my turn I'd forgotten.)

I was kinda tired and not full of energy, and my thighs hurt a little (in that sore way, not like I was doing real damage) during part of it, which continues to be lame.  But my times were actually still good, which made me happy.
1mi @ 10:54min
2mi @ 24:08min
2.48mi @ 30min

I opted not to do any weight work, because the last two times I've thought I've allowed myself sufficient time to get somewhere after the gym I end up being a little late.  So of course this time I arrived at Davis a half hour early.  I had to return a book to the library anyway, so I just stayed there for a while, browsing The Wall Street Journal (which we get at work, but which I never have a chance to read, in part because newspaper format is so unwieldy).  I liked the article on Frye boots ["The Boots That Kicked Off an Era Are Back" by Christina Binkley - June 21, 2007; Page D1 - Fashion Journal].
Tags: (learning) languages: asl, gymming it up, newspaper: wsj

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