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[CHPC] "As the deer panteth..." [2007-06-24]

I was checking e-mail while eating breakfast this morning and ended up not even leaving my house until after 10:30 (when CHPC service ostensibly starts). IIRC, last week service actually started on time, but even when it starts late there are often people coming in even after it's started, so I wasn't worried.
I came in at 10:40, and they were in the middle of the Announcements -- and when we were talking during Coffee Hour, Alex pointed out that if you've been coming for the past couple of weeks you can pretty much predict what the announcements are gonna be.

All month we've had the Communion table out with a batik kind of covering and a goblet and plate. I keep forgetting to ask Karl about it after service, 'cause I always note it when I come in and then get used to it and don't really notice it by the end.
And because I always notice the stole [and really, these writeups exist for my own records]: white with green stitching.

The Introit was "We are singing in the light of God," very fast-paced and upbeat and energetic. Following the Introit is Silent Prayer of Preparation, so when he began, Karl said, "This is gonna be a tricky transition."

Call to Worship:
[One] Depart from evil, and do good; so you shall abide for ever.
[All] For God loves justice; God will not forsake those who are faithful.

Opening Prayer (unison):
In a dark world of lies and deceit, O God, we come to your light and your truth. Receive our praise and hear our prayers that we may be guided by your written word and by the Word alive in the spirit of Christ. Amen.
(D. Hostetter)

Hymn: "God Is Truly with Us"

Choral Call to Prayer: "as the deer craves running water, I thirst for you o God"

Prayer of Confession (unison):
Living God, most merciful and holy, we confess to you our lack of response to your caring love and our feeble grasp of your great promise. Look upon our proud hearts with the eyes of your compassion and embrace us with the arms of your mercy. Pardon our faults for we admit them and forgive our sins for we repent of them. Restore to us again the joy of your salvation and renew our lives with the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.
(N. Dixon)

Gloria, Passing of the Peace

Time For Our Children was just Corinne. Karl talked about the Psalms and how there are Psalms for when you're angry or sad or happy or whatever and that if there were only one book of the Bible you read it should be the Psalms.

Scripture Reading: Psalms 42 and 42


Sermon: "It's Not Always Easy"
Yeah, not gonna lie, I dozed off after the beginning bit of the sermon.

Hymn: "As Pants the Hart for Cooling Streams"

Prayers of the People, Focus on Mission (which purpose I don't always understand, as today for example it was a guy whose name escapes me just talking about how great the choir is), Offering (Prayer of Dedication: "As we have received what you have so generously given, O God, may we give as generously so that others might live and prosper. Amen.")

Hymn: "I Look to You in Every Need"
I liked this bit in the fourth/final verse: "Your hand in all things I behold, all things in your hand."

I've mastered their Gloria ("Glory to God the Creator, and to the Christ, and to the Holy Spirit: as it was in the beginning, is now and will be forever. Amen. Amen.") though since they changed the Offertory Response some weeks ago I have to follow along in the bulletin ("Praise God from whom all blessings flow / Praise Christ all creatures here below / Praise Holy Spirit evermore / Praise triune God whom we adore") and the Benedictory Response is always the same -- verse 4 of Hymn #8 and I have it almost memorized now ("Praise to the living God, around, within, above / Beyond the grasp of human mind, but whom we know as love / In these tumultuous days, so full of hope and strife / May we bear witness to the Way, O Source and Goal of life.").


During Coffee Hour, Alex and I met this new couple: Ruth and Mark(?). We were talking about we do, and when I told Ruth I work at Harvard Business School, she said, "Are you faculty?" Heart. (I have always looked younger than my age, and people always say I'll appreciate it when I'm much older but really, no. I grew up surrounded by active "retired" women, and while I do understand not looking forward to your body not being able to do all that it used to, getting older doesn't necessarily mean your body's gonna start looking gross, and I see no reason to have shame about having lots of lived experience under one's belt. I hope I live a long and healthy -- and happy, etc. -- life, and I never intend to lie or even be coy about my age.)
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