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[purpose: a list of good things]

* I finally got the bulk of the remaining work done on the AAR I'd been procrastinating.

* I was reminded that when I wanna listen to a particular song but am at work and thus don't have access to my personal collection of music, I can often obtain the song I'm looking for via YouTube.

* I got approved for vacation Monday Tuesday of next week (scheduled network outage, so I'm taking the time off to get various other stuff done).

* I went to the gym and felt like I was pushing myself sufficiently.
ellipitical: 1mi@11:33min, 2mi@23:33min, 2.51mi@30min
weight room: some arm work (machines and free weights)

* I signed our 2007-2008 lease (with no rent increase) and paid bills.

* My Platinum Plus Smith College Alumnae Association Visa card came.  [And yeah, I'm totally bringing it with me when I go to my parents' this weekend since I don't so much necessarily understand numbers.]

* There should be strip clubs in my future.

* I'm working on other future social event planning as well.

* The heat is finally breaking (and it hasn't yet made me especially miserable).
Tags: gymming it up, joy sadhana

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