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"We are breathing, we are seething, we are hardly underway"

Dear tourists, the holiday is tomorrow. Why are you here now? Unless summer weekdays are always like this and I'm just never around to notice. I go back and forth between wanting to stop and help people who look a little lost and being generally annoyed with people.

Anyway, my To Do List plan for the day:

* go to gym
I oped not to do this 'cause I was tired. I did do a good amount of walking around, though.

* go to Keegan's to pick up my fixed wristwatch
Success. I bumped into Jay Pendse on the train; he's going to NYC for med school (Mt. Sinai). I also saw Connie and Alisha on the train back, but didn't say hi to them.

* get my hair cut
I had heard Salon Femia does walk-ins. Turns out the stylists are off for the holiday, so I made an appointment for Saturday morning.

* go to the Harvard Farmer's Market (12:30-6, by the Science Center)
I got strawberries and raspberries.
I was sad that there are no apples. Apples are great. They should be in season all the time.
I also really need to get a good blender/food processor so I have fruit smoothies as summer snack/meal option.

* BONUS: del.icio.us
I started with my own fics, which was definitely a good idea, 'cause I know the content and don't have to worry about deadlinks, plus no one else has any of them tagged so I didn't have to worry about it being public while I was figuring out how it all works.

OMG, though, I have 75 fics and that took forever (for values of "forever" which approximate 4 hours). The next project is putting all my recs up on del.icio.us [separate account], and I have like 900 of those (no lie). I guess I should just input all the links and go back and tag them later. (And wow I am a masochist. 'Cause I wanna start on that right now. Woot vacation/holiday. Edit, 15 minutes in: Fuck, this is better than drugs.)

[Edit2: Okay, four hours later, I've input(ted?) 152 recs, complete with preliminary tagging and sometimes hunting down deadlinks and correcting them on my website (and keeping a list of the unfindable ones, to be posted when I'm done). Bedtime now.]
Tags: cataloguer at heart, del.icio.us, food, small world

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