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The continuing birthday celebration. (Would you believe this is the abbreviated version?)

On my way to get my hair cut Saturday morning, someone asked me for directions to Davis Square. I gave them and said I was going that way myself, so we walked part way together.  He said he was looking for housing, was moving here to be a student.  I asked if he was going to Tufts, and almost sheepishly he said he was going to seminary, at Harvard.  I immediately responded that that was awesome and that I had a number of friends going to div school and was jealous of them that they got to spend all their time studying theology.  His name is Kieran.  I approve of him.

As I said, I went to Salon Femia and got my hair cut.  I think I like it.

I ended up having enough time to do laundry, have lunch, and pack with time to spare.  Nice.

On the train to South Station I started reading Breakfast at Tiffany's and wow, from the very beginning it's so much darker than the movie.  It also makes me really wanna rewatch the movie to compare.  (Not that I have the time to finish reading the novella, nevermind rewatch the movie.)

I stopped at Master Wok at South Station to get a drink.  I almost got an almond milk tea but decided instead to get a banana milk juice.  I'd never actually had boba before, and yeah, never again.  I don't really like the taste, and I'm also not a fan of chewy bits in my drinks.

I napped for most of the bus ride (and they didn't show any movies! I approve) which was great.

I had this pang of almost home-coming familiarity as we were driving in Manhattan, which was weird since I always say that while I don't dislike NYC, Boston is much more my kind of city.  And this is only the 4th time I've really been to NYC.  (Sidenote: Wierdly, the MTA felt far less intuitive this weekend than I had recalled from previous NYC trips.  I also swear I often heard the announcers saying "inbound," which is always such a useless designation and I thought NYC did the north/south type thing.  I did really like the N train I took in to Astoria, though, which had a big electronic sign inside indicating the next umpteen stops -- plus which lines you could connect to at each stop.  Much easier to read at a distance than the similar ones in the MBTA, plus it deleted the previous stops as you passed them, so if you'd zoned out you could find out where you currently were at a glance.)

The Port Authority maps were kinda frustrating since I never knew which floor I was actually on (nevermind where on said floor), and as I was trying to figure out how to get to a restroom, a young woman asked me if she could borrow my cell phone.  She was 18 and had just come back from visiting her boyfriend in Maine and needed to call her mom to check in.  She might well have been on my bus because near the end of the bus ride these guys in front of me were from Maine -- had been on a bus for 12 hours!  ("Anywhere you are, if you find someone from Maine, you know you're okay, because we take care of our own."  And.  I'll have to tell Katie, 'cause she's from Maine.)  Amusingly, as I wandered to find a restroom (and yes, I was eventually successful) I passed a number of payphones.  (She had told her mom that there weren't any pay phones anymore, and I certainly hadn't noticed any myself.  I didn't mind lending her my cellphone at all -- hi, I like being helpful -- but I was kind of amused.)

I successfully made it out to Astoria and found the Bohemian Beer Garden, got there exactly on time and Alexis randomly spotted me from her place in line, so I joined her and her boyfriend.  I'm not really a beer person, though I was inclined to say I preferred light beer.  We first got a pitcher of Bass 'cause Alexis likes dark beer.  Yeah, I wasn't a fan.  We met up with some friends of hers (including a woman from Easton -- which is apparently a townie town much like Norwood -- and a guy who now lives in Somerville -- near Porter) and had some of their beer.  I wasn't a fan of the Hoegaarden  (white beer) or the dark beer.  Alexis' bf later had a mug of Hefeweizen which I really liked (possibly helped by the fact that it was more chilled than the beer I'd been drinking that night).  He was also nice enough to get food for all three of us (the place mostly has bratwurst etc. but you can also get a portabello mushroom sandwich, and french fries are yay).  Maura and some friends arrived later, and she bought a round of kamikaze shots for her, Alexis, and me.  By that time I'd been there about 3 hours and decided it was time to head to the East Village for Kate's bash.  I really enjoyed the people at Alexis', though, and would be happy to hang out with her again, though I have no idea when I'll next get to NYC.  (I'm pleased to hear that the NYC natives [my party #2 people] may finally come to Boston.)

Oh, Kate, Alexis told me to wish you a happy birthday, which of course I forgot by the time I got to your shindig, but yeah.

I was wearing my "everyone loves a cunning linguist," and was amused by the comments I got on it, particularly the people who got the pun versus the people who didn't.

Crocodile Lounge was noisy and crowded, but I chatted with Kate's friend Kate and some other people.  I didn't retain any new names, but I continue to recognize the people I know from previous Kate shindigs.  QM was very pleased that I wore the shirt :)  James got drinks for Jen and me and laughed at me that I wanted a Long Island Iced Tea.  Whatever.  It actually wasn't very good, but wow it hit me.  Sharon and I split a cab back with Jill and someone else, and when I got out I was like, "Right, I remember how to walk."

I approve of Sharon's pull-out couch.  I also approve of how at this hair-length a post-sleep shower is not critical to making me look presentable.

Laura got bagels the next morning, and Sharon packed up another one and a water bottle for my trip home :)

I wore my Celebration t-shirt today and got nice comments from random strangers (including an older Asian woman) on it as well.

On the MTA I saw a woman wearing a shirt that said, "Social Butterfly Spider."  Hee.

We seem to be back to having 2 trash barrels.  I approve.

P.S. Mark, the Shakespeare movie Keanu was in was the one I was thinking of.  It's called Much Ado About Nothing.
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