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"We have high hopes like the old popes / Even St. Peter's bones decay"

I'm almost ready to make my del.icio.us public, but I'm still tagging and my big problem is what to do with stories that aren't primarily pairing stories. I want pairing stories to also be tagged with each character's name, so you can click on a character's name and see all the fics involving them as major characters, but I also want a way to be able to pull up the non-pairing fics about any given character . . . as well as ensemble fics. This is further complicated by the existence of fics which pair a single character with a number of other people but the focus is really on the single character, so it would be more accurate to tag it with just the main character than with all the pairings, but I can't tag it "non-ship" or "non-pairing" or "gen." (I'm not even touching the issue of surprise pairings/characters.)

Yes, I realize my del.icio.us will be more complicated than anyone else's ever, and that possibly I will only serve to overwhelm anyone who comes across it. In my delusional world it maximizes del.icio.us' usefulness, though.
Tags: cataloguer at heart, del.icio.us

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