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"Never was a cornflake girl"

My family is the best.  My dad e-mailed me about my aunt (who just finished nursing school -- the graduation I skipped to go to my own Reunion):
She had taken the nursing certification exam on Tuesday and the computer had shut her down after the minumum number of questions.  I calculated that even if she had gotten all the questions wrong so far, there were still enough left that she had a mathematical chance to pass.  So the computer wouldn't have shut her down for failing.  Unless ... it had decided that even though she had a mathematical chance, the possibility wasn't worth taking seriously: like expecting the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to win the American League East championship.

When she called up, her first words were, "I'm not the Tampa Bay Devil Rays!"

I haven't been really paying attention to the details of the HP:7 midnight release parties 'cause it feels par for the course and it's not like I would go to any anyway (I'll acquire a loaner copy of the British edition, but I haven't been really into the series for some time now).

However, being reminded of the Harvard Square party it finally clicked that I'm actually gonna be in the Square that same night (birthday dinner with my family).

I'm consistently spoilerphobic (props to LJ, btw; I read Book 5 almost 6 months after it came out and was still unspoiled; didn't see the big Spoiler outside of a cut-tag until like 3 months after that) but I'm feeling oddly unfazed about Book 7 -- which is extra-ironic since most of LJ seems to be burying themselves under a rock to avoid spoilage (trolling people with spoilers is just mean, btw).  I wouldn't want to have been spoiled for the big Books 5 and 6 spoilers, and I'm sure when I read Book 7 I'll get to stuff which will make me think, "I'm so glad I wasn't spoiled for this," but I'm completely unfazed at the moment.  Which is not an invitation to spoil me as I still wish to go into stuff unspoiled, but it's kind of interesting, given my history and everything.

(I have been reading writeups of the OotP movie, but that's different since I have no interest in watching the movies.  Okay, I'm tempted to see the 5th movie 'cause I hear Luna is awesome, but I think really I can wait for the video.)

[I also do not currently have comment on StrikethroughGate is going boom again.  Though reading relevant information/discussion and parsing it should be on my to-do list.]

Obligatory link to the Emmy nomination list.  Provided by Amy, who said: "Hey, how many people from YOUR favorite bad WB show are nominated?

(If you're not sure, though, you could find out here. Hint: the answer is probably "less than four". Which, contrary to popular opinion, is not "a really big heart".)"


I was Google-Map-ing for MaryAlice and dude, they have the MBTA stops now (little blue and white M squares).  ♥


We watched "Mr. Frost" (tWW 7.04) today.  This seems appropriate to my mood today.

I was gonna listen to "After All" ("We will push on into that mystery / And it'll push right back / And there are worse things than that") but ended up listening to "Mercy of the Fallen" instead almost by accident, and yeah.
There’s the wind and the rain
and the mercy of the fallen
Who say they have no claim to know what’s right
There’s the weak and the strong
and the beds that have no answer
And that’s where I may rest my head tonight


There’s the weak and the strong
And the many stars that guide us
We have some of them inside us
I was talking tonight about how my bosses have all been away so I have barely everything to do and I end up not even doing the stuff I need to do and I'm so unmotivated to do anything and . . . Michelle said it's Dorito Syndrome -- you indulge but ultimately aren't fulfilled.  This makes a lot of sense (and reminds me of my tarot reading from WriterCon last summer about want vs. need, which is an idea I keep coming back to).

Michelle gave me a back/shoulder/neck/arm massage during discussion tonight, and she goes really deep and I enjoyed it.  I'd been thinking recently about trying out some of the local massage places -- though I also felt kinda stupid 'cause it's not like I'm particularly stressed.  I'm not sure if I'm touch-deprived or not (oddly, when I visited Smith people last weekend I didn't insist on much cuddling like I usually do) but it's entirely possible that it would be one tool [obviously not the only one] in helping me feel better.

When we sat down to dinner tonight my mood just lifted, which was somewhat surprising since there wasn't anything I would point to in particular, but it was nice.

Turns out Michelle can't hang out this Saturday after all, so that frees me up to do some erranding and possibly some room-cleaning (yeah, I'm lame and will probably skip out on ArtBeat).

I've been looking for black sneakers, and I really liked these ones, but I just noticed that they're part leather.  Gar.  So that means more shoe shopping.

In more productive news, I have bought my round-trip Europe tickets.  My travel plans for within Europe are mostly solidified except for getting from Barcelona to London for the return.  Meredith recommends EasyJet over RyanAir, so I'll be checking that out.

I got my workshop schedule for Convo (you give them three choices and get assigned two).  I'm going to the two transgender workshops.  Hopefully they'll be good.  (Yes, HomoCon SafeColleges has made me wary of workshops.)

I also went to the gym after work today.  I really should ask one of the trainers to make sure I'm doing the rowing machine correctly 'cause when I used to use it I felt like I really wasn't working my body at all.  Today I just did the elliptical and then left to pick up an ILL item at SOM/WEST and hang out reading for a bit before small group.

I think I am incapable of working out so hard I hurt the next day (which I think is a good thing, really), but I've definitely been trying to push myself.

1mi @ 11:15min
2mi @ 23:10min
2.55mi @ 30min
2.90mi post-5min-cooldown


Bedtime now.
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