Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

I didn't die.

After I showered this morning I didn't really wanna put clothes on, so I did my errands after my day with Kate rather than before it.  (I saw a flyer for Porn Debate, which I will be missing due to being in Europe -- August 10th.  Sadness.  I picked up the July/August MFA film calendar but probably shouldn't even look at it since I'll be away for basically all of it.)

We went in the front entrance, so we wandered the European art (paying less attention to the Christian art and more attention to the Impressionists -- I'd never noticed the near-neon light in the Monet haystack).  We also looked at the Egyptian stuff (Kate pointed out that yeah it's great that we have the stuff and can see and learn, but if someone dug up your grandma for the sake of history, you'd be a bit huffy, no?) and the Chinese rooms (i.e., the exhibit that's set up like various actual rooms; I love it).

We saw the Edward Hopper exhibit.  I had looked at the online slideshow earlier in the week, and it caused me to appreciate Hopper's work more.  Most of it doesn't particularly grab me, though.  My favorites are mostly from the solitary women.

Afterward we saw the War and Discontent exhibit in the Foster Gallery (which often has interesting stuff; I think my favorite was probably the Black Gold one you see upon entering) which then led into an exhibit of German Photography and contemporary Japanese art (I particularly liked the tweaked kawaii stuff).

We were tired from all that standing/walking, so we went to Qdoba and sat and ate and chatted -- and didn't get too wet heading to the T stop.  (Though people who ask the trolley driver for directions as other people stand behind them in the rain, while not as bad as people who stick their gum on antique furniture at museums . . . )

Oh, and Kate said Alex saw me at Boston Pride this year -- but didn't say hi 'cause she didn't think I'd recognize her.  Aww.  I can't swear I would have recognized her on sight, but if she'd introduced herself as Alex from Smith, I totally would have known who she was.

I also forgot to mention: elephant serial killers; also: 300-pound beavers and 6-foot penguins.  (I mean, we talked about fandom and stuff, too, but that's old hat.)


In other news, my Buffy/Tara fic "Desert Plants Are Strange Indeed" has been nominated at the Dangerous Type Awards.  Good karma for finally actually feedbacking some fics yesterday?

I also officially got my femslash_minis assignment.
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