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I had "Do You Hear the People Sing?" stuck in my head this morning.  Then in putting NOM talks on Prof.B's calendar, I saw: Sunday November 11: 2-5, North Shore Music Theatre (Beverly), Les Mis.
Yes, it is indeed a professional production.  Theater-in-the-round even.
    "From Beverly Depot it is less than 5 minutes to NSMT by cab. There is a pickup/drop off area at the theatre… you can pre arrange a taxi pick up from Beverly Depot and NSMT."  Rock on.

sigrun tells me that Forbidden Planet is doing a Serenity poster set.  Interesting style.  (They're billed as "'Blue Sun' travel posters.")

Cate and I had lunch at Fire & Ice, which I'd never been to before.  I thought about the ginger sauce (I love that they let you taste, but sauce tastes different cold than it does warm) but ended up getting the barbecue (on Cate's suggestion), because apparently I don't hate barbecue sauce?  Who knew.

Pilates class was okay.  I dislike when I can't tell if I'm doing stuff right.  Stuff like sit-ups I feel like I'm almost just using my neck -- I clearly have no ab/back strength.  The thing where you lie on your back and hold the ball with your feet and lift it and stuff?  I kept being like "ow" and stopping, which I hated, because of all things my legs should be strong.

I kinda wanna post about the daily_deviant thing (especially since Sharon asked me my take), but I'm leaving for Convo in like 36 hours (literally), and I'm doing femslash_minis this week, and sk8eeyore is visiting.  And I really need to go to bed now.

Edit: Forgot to mention: On the train back from South Station, the woman we sat next to got out at Park St. and said to me: I just wanted to tell you that I love your necklace. :)
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