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BtVS 8.5

The Chain

I kind of motherfucking loved this.

Okay, I'm still not entirely sure what happened, and there were some off-putting moments (The girl falling over when she got Chosen is incongruous with what we saw in "Chosen" the episode [though at least they kind of acknowledge that], and Rona's "Have to pad the bra a little" -- isn't Buffy canonically tiny-titted?, like isn't there actually a spoken line about that somewhere in the series), but I adored the lead faerie, and the general grey and bad-ass-ness and female homoerotic subtext.  I can't make any objective arguments for its worth, but I really like it a lot.


"I didn't lay my faerie eggs inside your inner ear canal to watch you die."
"It's not fatal, and I didn't do it."

schoolgirl: "How does that even happen?  How could you forget to put 'em back on?"
our heroine: "You've really never touched a boy, have you?"
other girl: "I wouldn't touch Mike Billenger without a HazMat suit."

Nice visual with the line of Slayers, and nice speech.  The "There is no truth." at the end, I  almost thought First Slayer (Also: Tia Dalma) even though we had already seen the First Slayer in the visual montage, and she doesn't speak anyway.  I'm guessing it's Rona.

our heroine: "Tell Yamanh of my extraordinary mercy.
Tell him Buffy Summers is coming for him."
[voiceover] The name. /  What power.

brunette: "You should totally get to keep that sword."
pink-hair: "Rather have a gun..."
red-head: "I can't believe it."
our heroine: "Yeah, I got a souvenir, too.  Bet I make squad leader."
red-head: "You took that bite for me. / Think Simone woulda done that? / Besides... // ...I hear Buffy's got a neck wound, too."

"Did I get the hardest, darkest path to walk 'cause I'm strong, I'm good, I can handle the heavier burden? // Or am I weak, expendable. The one that won't be missed? / The truth? // There is no truth. // There's just what you believe."
I love the panel with that last line -- the slug and the faeries and all.  (Also: the echoing of "There is no truth" is a nice narrative device.)

I continue to really enjoy the faeries: "This stench?  We won't abide it." / "We will scrub you with briars for a hundred days!"

"Yamanh's troops are coming up and they will go right through you to get to my people. / You have to stand together--and that includes the Ravenclan and the... that thing that looks like a leaf-blower. // This is how we live.  Together.  With each other.  For each other. / Otherwise... // Otherwise there is no life in these caverns and I don't have to worry what happens to it."
slug creature: "You are throwing us to the wolves."
our heroine: "The wolves are here. / But you have each other.  You have a will to survive."

our heroine: "There's always a name. // Lincoln. Hitler. Gandhi. / The name can inspire terror, awe... // ...sometimes great things."
And that line moves us from panels of her battling Yamanh to a panel of a full-scale battle.
"But there's millions of people go into making a name. / People facing things they couldn't imagine they would. // In the moments that matter, even our names are just sounds people make to tell us apart. / What we are isn't that. // The real questions run deeper.  Can I fight? / Did I help? / Did I do for my sisters? My comrades, children, slimy slug-clan... // There is a chain, between each and every one of us. / And like the man said, you either feel its tug or you ignore it."  And that panel we see the body-armored Slayers plunging down into to fray.  "I tried to feel it.  I tried to face the darkness like a woman and I don't need any more that that.  You don't even have to remember me. // You don't even know who I am." [dramatic page turn to final panel] "But I do."


a positive review  (And I really like the idea of Andrew as the mind behind the"Now I won't be the only girl breaking vases" ad.)

Also, the variant cover creeps me out.
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