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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"I open at the close."

I had my 4th/final pilates-on-the-ball class yesterday.  Wasn't excessively challenging, which I was glad of.

Heh, my Free Will horoscope (which I almost never look at these days, despite its amusement factor) is about facing fear.

I had a good conversation which helped me deal with the irrational anxiety I have around one of the parts of my job.  (Amnesty is a good thing.)

Prof.B. wants me to check in every 3 days while I'm in Europe -- text message or e-mail or whatever -- to confirm that, y'know, I'm not dead.  He's more solicitous than my parents ;)

He also suggested wearing a hat and said something about my being fair-skinned.  What is up with that?

Poll #1036062 I know I'm just about the opposite of Seasonal Affective, but still.

Is Elizabeth fair-skinned?

I have never met her in meatspace, but I like taking polls.


You know how there are all those stories of people on the 9/11 hijacked flights who called their loved ones to say goodbye?  I was idly thinking about this last night, and then telling my parents today when they came to retrieve their Harry Potter book this afternoon.  Of course my thoughts included instructions.  I expect this will viewed as morbid, but really it's just pragmatic.  (And okay, possibly the tag for this should be something like "the cat is on the roof.")

I forbid Pastor Bill doing my funeral (I'm not gonna bar anyone from attending, and if you wanna open the floor to anyone to say nice things about me, fine, but he is not officiating), but I'm not necessarily opposed to having it at UCN.  My mom thinks having it at UCN would be uncomfortable.  Conveniently, I'm attending a multiplicity of congregations.  CWM meets in an upstairs room rather than an actual sanctuary, but CAUMC has a sanctuary (and also a smaller chapel area adjacent).  CHPC also also has a sanctuary, but I feel more connected to the CWM/CAUMC world.  It would be kind of amusing to do it like Trelawney and Eric's wedding, with multiple officiants, but I think I want Tiffany to do it.

Just in case anyone is still misconstruing this: I have no desire to die, and in fact a strong desire to not die.


At lunch, Katie said, "My pickle is leaking."  It went downhill from there.

Sidebar: I said the verb rather than the noun is the problem.  Eric said "is" is the verb.  I said it's a gerund phrase.  He said "is" is still the verb.  I said okay fine, the gerund portion of the verb phrase is the problem.

wikipedia says:
In linguistics, "gerund" is a term used to refer to various non-finite verb forms in various languages:
  • As applied to English, it refers to what might be called a verb's action noun, which is one of the uses of the -ing form.

Oh, and I was still meeting with Prof.B. when Katie left for the day, so she left me an adorable note on my desk.  How do I surround myself with such good people?


I knew Ari wouldn't mind if I didn't finish it until after Europe, but I felt guilty on behalf of the comm, so I finished my femslash_minis fic.

When I was first starting writing it, the structure helped me a lot since initially I had absolutely no idea for plot.  By the end, though, it became more hindrance than help, so the flow is somewhat uneven now.  However, I am not a good enough writer to go back and rewrite the whole thing, so there it is.  And I'll stop myself now before I end up listing all of the abundant flaws of the fic.

And yes I really did wanna come up with a better title -- like one that didn't begin with a number.


P.S. I know the source of my Subject line, but out of courtesy for my parents (and anyone else), please no Book 7 spoilers in comments.


Oh, man, bahletegate keeps getting worse and worse.  Some of this is making me want to go back to working on the entry I started back during the incest round, but I'm kind of glad I'll be away (though it's not like that will be stress-free -- I will have to be on the 'net at least some this weekend to finish my travel plans).

And on that note, I should go back to packing.  (Yeah, finishing that fic took way longer than I had expected.  Though having ideas was kind of cool.  Even though the ideas didn't always work with preceding structure plans.)  I need to be up at 5, so I may do that all-nighter thing and just sleep on the plane (which will of course fuck me up since I arrive at 8:30pm local time; sigh).
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