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I keep thinking it's later in the week than it is.

Eric's S1 Heroes DVD came today, so since MaryAlice was out he suggested we watch the original premiere episode (i.e., the one shown at Comic-Con last year).  I remembered hearing that Micah ran away to see his dad and that Isaac cut off his hand.  I was glad we didn't see too much gruesomeness of the latter (though I looked away when they showed the stump when Simone comes back with Peter).  I really disliked Peter being so distracted by the painting of himself.  Hi, he CUT OFF HIS HAND!  It's a miracle he hasn't bled to death already.  I had forgotten about the terrorist sub-plot.  I dislike the fact that there was/they felt pressure to take it out, but I really like having Parkman's introduction be combined with Molly Walker -- for nice full-circle-ness come late-season -- and also with that badass introduction to Sylar (newspaper clippings are so much easier to gloss over).  It was weird seeing different people playing some of the characters (Audrey, Mrs. Parkman, Sylar).  Oh, and "Paul Sylar" made us try to remember if Sylar ever uses a first-name alias to go along with "Sylar" in the season that aired -- we don't think so, and if he did it was "Gabriel" (from his birth name of "Gabriel Gray").

The DVD started with Previews, the first of which was for Bionic Woman.  I mentioned that I refuse to watch it because they hired IW.  The conversation about that got me thinking about how there aren't any new shows this coming year that I'm planning to watch and also how I can't actually remember how/why I decided to watch Heroes last year, which I find interesting.

After work, I returned books to the div school library and decided instead of heading back to Harvard Square directly I'd wander a bit.  I made my way to Beacon St. and ended up following to back to close to Porter Square, at which point I decided to just take Oxford St. back to Harvard.  To my surprise, I encountered RA-Claire on the way.  She was heading to her last Urban Rebounding class, so we didn't chat long, but this is her last week (shamefully, I actually thought she had left much earlier this summer) so she said we should get together for coffee or ice cream or something, which would be nice.

University Health Services is once again reminding me that I haven't had a PAP smear.  I haven't had a physical in I don't know how many years, so I suppose I should get on that.

I'm also flirting with the idea of actually learning to drive.


I think my flickr photos are as organized/tagged/described as they're gonna get.  ohmigod, why is there no mass edit tool for changing privacy settings?  I had everything Private so I could get it all sorted, but then I had to go back and mark each one public when I was done.  (I had really good hair at WriterCon.  I'd forgotten that.  Looking at those photos also made me miss Lorraine and company.)

Anyway, Europe photos.

(I should probably also do a combined-and-abbreviated set for slideshow when I see my grandma in a couple weeks, but that can wait a bit since it is over a week away -- though yes, I'm sure you all would appreciate it as well.)


mosca posted a link to this thing that generates "cat macros."  Despite being fairly indifferent to the cat macro phenomenon, I was curious and tried it for my LJ.  I was actually jarred by the results because it just plunks the Subject Lines onto pictures of cats, so I found myself with this expectational disconnect because it didn't lol-speak-ize the text or anything.  Huh.  Interesting.

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