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From: Amazon.com
Subject: How I Met Your Mother - Season Two is now available to order from Amazon.
Availability: This title will be released on October 2, 2007. Pre-order now!. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com.
The third season premieres Sept. 24 (I forget where I saw that, but yes I put it on my calendar). I have mentioned before how it annoys me when a season gets released on DVD after the next season starts airing. C'mon people, don't you want fans to pimp new fans into the show?

I'm kind of amused that despite knowing I have an assortment of bills to pay, having come back from a two-week trip overseas in the time of the abysmal exchange rate, I keep spending money this week. It's legitimate stuff -- adding money to my CrimsonCash so I can buy lunch, registering for my autumn Extension School Class (Classics of Western Thought, for noncredit -- though it occurred to me this morning that I still will have to buy books; sigh) -- but still.
Tags: tv: how i met your mother

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