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Yup, I'm settling back in to life here.

Via Amy's flist, I discovered worth_the_trip  ("queer books for kids and teens").  From the intro post:
I started this blog to keep track of current LGBTQ books for kids and teens and to provide a forum for all those interested in the subject. The forum is named in honor of the first gay-themed book for teens, I'll Get There. It Better Be Worth the Trip by John Donovan, published by Harper in 1969.
The most recent entry is about Annie on My Mind, which was first published 25 years ago; that's only one year older than I am.


Ranjan was telling me that the new union agreement it's after three months' service rather than two years' that you get . . . what did he say it was called, "release"? . . . anyway, that thing where you can take up to three hours/week off work to take classes and you don't have to make it up in overtime (provided you get your faculty's okay for the scheduling).  This of course tempted me to look at the div school course catalog again, though I don't even know how I'd register for those courses or how open they are to auditors.


When I left work today, I considered going down to Katie's desk as I used to do, to see if the temp was heading to the Square as well.  I didn't, but then I saw her heading down the stairs, and indeed she was walking to the T.  We've barely talked, but we had a nice chat, so I ended up taking the Red Line with her to Park Street (where she switched to the Green Line to North Station; she's currently living with her mom in Salem, just came back from a long stay in Japan in November iirc).  I do this a lot -- walking with people to their destination when we're engaged in conversation and I know it'll be no hardship for me to backtrack to my own destination.  Her last day with us is Friday, but she's gonna be next door next week, so she said tomorrow or Friday we should make plans to get a drink after work or something to chat about HBS and suchlike.  I also find it interesting the different way people who have some jobs under their belts approach this job versus those of us who came to it fresh out of college.


Um, someone on friendsfriends (roseganymede) linked to this multi-disciplinary call-for-papers site.  Reading about all these conferences is like crack.  There is a Whedon conference in Turkey!  (Obviously I wanna attend them all, have no ideas for actually generating a paper of my own.)
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