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"all the angels that I love . . . they come down to deliver - they deliver me"

It was beautiful weather today, and I really should have spent more time outside, and I actually had intended to do some errands that required more than five minutes worth of walking, but instead I did computer work -- which is good because I would have been stressing otherwise, but my to-do list is so long that I still don't actually feel accomplished.

I updated my website (first time since May 1!) and my del.icio.us recs account is now live. 934* + (only?) 34 additions for September. The tagging is imperfect and incomplete, but serviceable.
*It would have been more, but there are deadlinks, fics locked down post-"Warriors for Innocence," etc.

I also: washed dishes, did laundry (including bedsheets), and went grocery shopping.


Ani's coming out with a retrospective album (called "canon"). Do I buy it? I am intrigued by the poetry collection which is being released at the same time. (I recall seeing a book of poetry in an RBR catalog last year or something, but was possibly hallucinating as I can't find it in the RBR online store now.)


Ari called me tonight. Heart. I was literally about to put my phone on the charger when she called as it was telling me Low Battery. It let us talk for close to an hour, though, "which is yay." And despite being cut off by my phone dying, I felt happy after our conversation.
Tags: ani difranco, partners in crime, we try and fix what comes apart

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