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[Astonishing X-Men] #22

When I first went to Million Year Picnic after coming back from Europe, they didn't have any of the most recent AXM. When I went today, they had exactly two copies -- one of the regular cover, one of the variant. I wasn't really taken with either cover but opted for the Scott one (partially thinking of karabair). Having finished the issue I'm like, "Okay, I know anything Wolverine gets people to but stuff, but seriously, he had like two lines in this issue."

So the actual issue . . .

Was Danger always pink? I remembered her as being *white* and blue.

Hee, Emma's "and no B-villain crap" line

Emma to Danger: "You never got over your parent programming. [next panel, this one Emma's face] If it's any consolation, nobody ever does." Interesting.

The Internet tells me that "sit-rep" means "situation report" -- which is the idea I'd gotten from the context, I just couldn't quite come up with the words that fit.

I thought Kitty and Piotr already had sex -- that time she fell through the floor and Logan smelled them at breakfast. So her "You're more than I could have imagined. And I've imagined." feels a little weird to me.

LOVE the lackey: "You have about an hour, if you wish to continue fornicating."
And "That one is Dafi?" / "Like the duck. / You can ask me now." is such a Joss line/exchange.

I'm not really sold on Kitty's speechifying, but I love her line "You keep waiting for the dust to settle and then you realize this is it; the dust is your life going on."
(I'm also weirded out by the last panel on that page 'cause I imagine it's supposed to be her snapping her fingers, but that looks like thumb and pinky.)

Beast seems overly harsh to Brand with his, "Don't ever disparage sentiment ... until you've actually felt one," though admittedly she hasn't given any of them much evidence of any soft feeling -- and possibly hasn't given the reader any either, but I love her anyway.

Brand: "It's a killing machine!"
Emma: "Technically..."
Logan: "Didn't you say your men were expendable? In my memory, you said that."

Brand to Kitty re: Lockheed: "Oh for god's sake, stop simpering at him! Lockheed works for us. He's been doing surveillance on your team since you rejoined."
Kitty: "Wow."
Emma: "You're so unpleasant even I'm impressed. Do you visit orphanages to explain there's no Santa?"
Brand: "This is exactly your problem! Infantilizing alien races... that dragon speaks more languages than the Professor; he's not some starlet's chihuahua. Lockheed has some homeworld issues we're helping him with. Pressing issues."
Okay, I'm buying the lack of sentiment a bit more here. I actually feel where Brand's coming from, but hi, Lockheed may actually enjoy the fondness Kitty has for him. I'm intrigued by this mention of homeworld issues.

Not gonna lie, the Internet informed me of where Beast's "That's no moon" is from. Clearly Star Wars made little impression on me.

Logan: "We got a plan? I don't wanna play 'Man Who Fell to Earth' again."
Bowie reference, wow. Though I Internet-ed to make sure I was recalling correctly, and I actually thought it was a Bowie song/album.

Logan: "Guess Emma's running the show. That'll be interesting."
Brand: "Excuse me, I'm the one who's gonna be --"
Logan: "Don't even dream it.
Good luck, Summers."

Scott: "Emma."
Emma: "Darling?"
Scott: "They're all yours. [dramatic page turn] Make me proud."

Love Beast's "Give 'em hell, boss."
[And I realized in doing this writeup where it felt familiar from -- HP.]

The ending panel . . . I can't help thinking of the end of "Objects in Space."

I'm really intrigued by the not!WhiteRoom.
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