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BtVS 8.6

I am confused by comics coming out on a Thursday, but okay. [Edit: It occurs to me that this is probably related to the Monday holiday. /edit]

No Future For You: Part 1

I bought the spray-paint cover, of course.
The Slayer population of the world has gone from two to nearly two thousand. Almost five hundred are working with Buffy's European-based organization and its squads---or "terrorist cells," according to various military forces. Enter Faith, the pioneer of Slayer-related dirty work, whose talents as a fierce fighter continue to garner the attention of her former Sunnydale compatriots.
Okay, the extending quoting of Dr. Seuss (though I love Oh, The Places You'll Go! -- it was my first LJ Bio, and I actually have an icon of it as well now that I think of it) feels like something I would do in fic and which feels cheap to me.

"I'm impressed, Mister Principal. Most exes are too proud to make the late-night booty-call, but not you, huh?"

"one of the vamps we capture, before she got turned... she used to be a single mom. She had children, Faith. I swear, I never would have bothered you if I thought any of these girls could take care of them, but--"
Not gonna lie, I totally fell for the fakeout, was like, "Since when is Faith at all good with being maternal?" And then it turned out that the mom had vamped the kids, and none of the Slayerettes were up for slaying toddlers.


I am unconvinced of his need to wear a yellow submarine (?) sweatshirt, but otherwise . . . love.

And the text explicitly deals with how Giles has tea in Faith's run-down place :)

"Why would the same Watchers Council that tried to ice me suddenly make with the pension plan?"
I was like, "Didn't the Council get blown up? The same Council that wanted to eliminate you as a problem no longer exists. Giles et al *are* the Council," so I was pleased to see Giles' response was: "For all intents and purposes, I am the Watchers Council."

Giles: "...but in your generation, there are nearly two thousand women with the powers of the Slayer, and not all of them have chosen to use their newfound abilities conscientiously."
Faith: "You don't say."

You know, I half-expected Giles to say the Slayer she needed to kill was Buffy, just for the shock factor.

Instead, it's a kind of ditzy rich girl.

"You filthy little commoner. I loved that shirt."
Dude, that Kendra line was made of awesome. Kind of sad it's sullied in this re-use.

I felt somewhat better when she was horrified at the kill.

And she turns out to be being "tutored" by someone with that creepy sign they found carved into the victims back in the first issue -- and who has cloud gargoyles at his command. Though what's up with her "I want what was promised me. I want what's mine." *That's* intriguing.

Though I hope it won't become some tiresome arc in which Faith learns that Genevieve is just a pawn of bigger badder forces and tries to convince her to work with her against them and save the world. I mean, I don't foresee the arc going any different way, but I hope it's not too predictable, trite, etc.

Giles: "The only chance you have at finishing this Slayer is by getting close to her through subterfuge and cunning."
Faith: "Hey, I likes me some kink, but if you think I'm going downtown on this chick, you chose the wrong Chosen One."

Wow, flashback to some boy grabbing her saying "You're a worthless whore."

And then we get the "Why you should ship Giles/Faith" made textually explicit, and in a way which didn't feel *too* heavy-handed.

Oy, Xander and Buffy being awkward. Well, mostly Xander being awkward, which I guess makes sense since I can see him still being in love with Buffy -- though in this 'verse I ship Xander/Renee -- but I just really could have done without the awkwardness of this scene. I do like that Xander's the person Buffy goes to -- I mean, not that she necessarily seeks him out in Danger Room (oh, Xander), but she's clearly comfortable with him, with just opening up about what's stressing her out. And I'm intrigued by this dream!lion, "The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen."

Faith: "I have no sodding idea!"
Giles: "Marvelous. I dare say your accent is nearly passable."

Faith in that green dress? I totally had a flash of that Gone With The Wind scene.

And oh, Giles! And we all know the implied ending of that panel, where he takes his glasses off and wipes them.


I mostly don't read the Letters page because I don't wanna be spoiled for upcoming plot points, but the following exchange about something a couple issues back? Love.
     In Season Seven of Buffy, the First takes the form of Warren to trick Andrew, and the First can only take form of someone who has died. We all assumed Warren was dead because of the skin thing, but now he's back saying that he was never dead. Was the First able to take over his body because everyone thought he was dead? Or . . . ?


He was legally dead for like a second. Amy didn't tell him 'cause she didn't want to upset him.
     I forgot, okay?!
Also: The cover for the next issue? Hotness.
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