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pretty good day

The "cross training" alternates between Resistance:1 and Resistance:8 every 6 minutes (for my 30-minute program) and encourages you to pedal backwards for the high-resistance sections.
This morning I did the "weight loss" program -- alternating resistance every 4 minutes, but forward-pedaling the whole time.  Not a significant time improvement, though I felt more like I was pushing my body in a good way and less like I was slogging through molasses or something.
1mi @ 12:20min
2mi @ 24:02min
2.43mi @ 30min

Work was actually calm today, which I was grateful for.

Reading worth_the_trip has made me not only want to read many of the books but also reminds me of my attempt to read all the queer lit in existence (back in 2002? I hadn't realized just how much there was until I actually got into it).  I did writeups, but they were all aiming to be neutral summations, so I'd kind of like to reread for quality control.  I've been thinking for years now that I really should reread all that Jeanette Winterson I read in high school.  (I'm also working on composing my letter to Mike F., and in conjunction with the "A Queer Kid in the Library" post, I am reminded of how important it is to see oneself, or persons like oneself, represented in media that you consume.  I forget this sometimes, since with my various communities both fannish and otherwise I see a multitude of sexualities and gender presentations/experiences represented in fiction and autobiography.)

I've been seeing ads for The Brave One at the gym, and the first ad I saw I thought it was a torture film, but I IMDb-ed today, and was given "A woman struggles to recover from a brutal attack by setting out on a mission for revenge." as a Plot Outline, which is appealing to me.  In the comments to musesfool's post, someone linked an NYT piece on Ms. Foster's career.  It says, in part:
Outlandish in its violence and its conceit, "The Brave One" would be an interesting addendum to Ms. Foster's career even without its biographical frisson, without the image of Erica holding a gun with a deadeye stare that directly summons up Travis Bickle in "Taxi Driver," the film in which she plays a child whore, the film that inspired John W. Hinckley Jr.'s mad love.
Hi, I need to see Taxi Driver now.

I have been thinking about it being the Days of Awe*, and about repentance and being right with God and being right with other people.  Which is frustrating timing as I had been feeling just about done with having ethics.  (Phone calls make me happy.)  Being good is hard.  I was thinking about this on my way home, and how it didn't seem right.  I decided that it's like transitioning to a healthy diet -- we get into damaging habits, and a lot of the world inclines to keep us in those habits, and at first the new habits often seem far less pleasurable than the old ones, but eventually you get to the point where fresh fruit (in season, from local growers, all that good stuff) is actually more appealing to you than highly processed sugary packaged stuff and the vending machine stuff actually doesn't taste good to you.
* I wish Christian Education included more about Judaism, because if we profess to believe that ours is the God of the Israelites, then wouldn't there be some merit or at least interest in our learning about that history?  For a whole lot of reasons -- to understand how this God and His people used to engage, to understand the context of the texts we sacralize, and so on.

CAUMC!Eric was asking me tonight about what music I like, and I can't not talk about Ani DiFranco, even though I tend to avoid her political stuff and am not a fan of her more recent more experimental work (which I date from her 2001 r/r but which really dates from her 1999 upx6).  Unlike with most artists, I'm actually familiar with a majority of her work, and I actually like the majority of it as well.  I think she's a talented musician and lyricist, and I come back to her relationship songs again and again, finding new ways to connect them to my experiences.  My song today is "swandive" (though, as usual, only parts of it).
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