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"Images of broken light..."

Elliptical, interval program (alternates resistances 1 and 8 every two minutes)
1mi @ 12min
2mi @ 24:31min
2.42mi @ 30min

I think taking tomorrow off will be a good idea.

I Don't Want to Sleep Alone was not the most auspicious start to my return to MFA film watching, but on the train home there was a guy behind me (Emerson student) talking to his friend about one of the scenes in the film, and it was a Celluloid Closet kind of moment, and he segued into talking about a film in which Judi Dench plays an evil lesbian -- at which point I had to join the conversation.  Apparently it came out this past winter, also had Cate Blanchett, and was up for various awards.  Wow do I ever live under a rock.  [Notes on a Scandal]


It is significantly past my bedtime for the second night in a row, but I would like to note:

I love that I came home to two comments on the Judeo-Christian part of my previous post -- and from people who aren't my usual religion commenters.

My mother is not allowed to have anything else heaped on her plate until after her mom kicks off.  (Plus of course there are certain things I don't want to deal with for many more decades.)  Universe: you're on notice.
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